WFMW ~ Spice Up Your Leftovers


 Sometimes even though there are only two of us we’ll cook a large portion of beef. This past weekend we BBQ’d a Flank Roast. For dinner on Monday night I decided to spice it up and make sandwiches.

I sauteed onion and 2 Anaheim chiles in a little olive oil.

I added the cooked beef till it was heated through…

 Voila, a leftovers meal spiced up. Delicious! If you’d like you could also melt cheese onto the roll before your add the meat, pepper and onion mixture on top. Bon appetit! This works for us. I hope it inspires you…

And while I’m at it, I love that pan. I have used it 5 nights in a row to make different meals for Dear and I. The pan is a Tools of the Trade (Macy’s) Rangeware, Encapsulated Impact Bonded Induction Base 12 Inch. I got it on a super sale and I have not been disappointed about my Under $20 purchase!!!

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15 thoughts on “WFMW ~ Spice Up Your Leftovers

  1. This does look yummy. The title of this post remined me how when we were little and had swimming lessons every week my mum would make us a casserole every Friday. I liked it when we ate it on a Friday. But then on a Saturday my Dad would cook to give my mum a night off. Basically he’d heat up the casserole again, but he’d add some spices to give it an extra kick and make it taste different the second time around. I liked it even better when he cooked it!

  2. Okay, second try since I hit the wrong button.

    Looked good till I realized you said anaheim chilis. HOT, SPICY! But perhaps some sweet red bell peppers … oh yum. I love to reuse leftovers in a new dish. Great WFMW!
    Blessings, kim

  3. the name of your pan demands attention, even if it weren’t phenomenal. glad to hear the results match the grandeur of the name!

  4. I have to admit your WFMW stuff is more appetizing than mine. Thanks for visiting my site and luring me here to get a load of some delish food, only to turn around and eat PB&J.
    I bet you could whip us something phenomenal with leftover PB&J, right?

  5. I don’t have leftovers. I had to stop cooking in big batches because the boys just kept eating ’til it was gone. Do love your post though. Found your blog via WFMW. Glad I did.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my place!

    I love the tip on the pan!!! I’ve needed one for….oh, forever! I’v been using the same icky one for about 10 yrs now. Guess I’ll be stopping by Macy’s.


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