The Dean’s Watch ~ by Elizabeth Goudge

I’m not finished with this book yet but I wanted to share this quote from Chapter 7 ~ Miss Montague…

How much more friendly it is when you cannot see, thought Miss Montague, and how much closer we are to Him. Why should we always want a light? He chose darkness for us, darkness of the womb and of the stable, darkness in the garden, darkness on the cross and in the grave. Why do I demand certainty? That is not faith. Why do I want to understand? How can I understand this great web of sin and ugliness and love and suffering and joy and life and death when I don’t understand the little tangle of good and evil that is myself? I’ve enough to understand. I understand that He gave me light that I might turn to Him, for without light I could not have seen to turn. I have seen creation in His light. He shared His light with me that I, turned, might share with Him the darkness of His redemption. Why did I despair? What do I want? If it is Him I want He is here, not only love in light illuming all that He has made but love in darkness dying for it…And she said, I will learn to pray.”

I am so thankful for the bloggy world where I’ve been introduced to two new authors that I am enjoying so much and hadn’t been aware of before, Elizabeth Goudge and Dorothy Sayers. Yippee!!

Have a wonderful Monday walking in the Light…

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “The Dean’s Watch ~ by Elizabeth Goudge

  1. He gave me light that I might turn to Him, for without light I could not have seen to turn.


    Lana, I love her descriptive style, blessings…

  2. I think I need to check her out. I’ve never HEARD of her, let alone read any of her books!

    I think I’ve been missing out.

    Thanks for the quote, Ellen, and the recommendation, Rosemary!

    Hi Kim, You will like her and the library is the best place to try to find her stuff…

  3. I not heard of her either gals, this means a trip to Barnes and Noble or Amazon! That is a great quote … in fact … I started a quote book this spring … just had them here and there and I had started to put them together like a journal with pics. I will show it sometime … pray yours are coming along much better Ellen!

    Pam, Goudge is so descriptive and she takes the time to develop her characters, both things I love in an author. Blessings… and things are going well.

  4. I’m glad you’re enjoying E Goudge.

    Scent of Water is my favourite

    You’ve put me in the mood to read her again!

    Kathie, Without you and your blog I would never have known about Goudge. I think of you with thanks to our God when I read and enjoy Goudge! Blessings….

  5. Hi Ellen, I’m so glad you are enjoying The Dean’s Watch! As you know, she is my very favorite author and has been for years . . . and it’s so wonderful to learn that others enjoy her as much as I do. I also recommend her autobiography, The Joy of the Snow. And yes, The Scent of Water is one of my favorites too. Actually, there’s not much she has written that is not a favorite of mine!

    I am thinking I need to check out some Dorothy Sayers; I’ve never read her.

    Oh, and I did the little meme game, What Season are You? I am the fall! My favorite season. And I love your October song too.

    Sara, I think you’ll enjoy Sayers as her character development is slow and thorough. I love these authors that give us so much insight into a different time…blesssings. We’re both Autumns. It is a wonderful time of year. I’ll have to keep my eye out for Scent of Water!

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