Show and Tell Friday ~ Antique Cabinet


This was the first piece of furniture Dear and I bought after we were married. We bought it at the Antique Guild on Venice Blvd. in the old Helm’s Bakery Building in Culver City, California. The doors have leaded glass in them.

 The two middle compartments open with cool old keys. One of the compartments opens down to make a little desk. The bottom opens out. We paid $135.00 for it. I think now that I see all the clutter in it I might be doing a little reorganizing.

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31 thoughts on “Show and Tell Friday ~ Antique Cabinet

  1. Oh, I always enjoy looking at thoese antique finds at S&T. And your picutre really made me smile when I saw the two US flags on the right side. This would be absolutely impossible in Germany – we don’t have this kind of proud patriotism over here…. (due to our history back in WW2).

    Have a great Friday!


  2. I LOVE your Antique cabinet, a lovely show & tell isn’t it amazing how much you can put into one of these I love the “clutter” it adds to its mystery. 🙂

    The little door that folds down would have been for the sherry or cocktail storage I am sure. I can just see a lovely crystal carat with glasses in there from “days gone bye”

    A lovely show and tell.

  3. Oh what a beautiful old piece. They just don’t make furniture like that any more. Such a shame. What a treasure for you to have and enjoy AND be able to hand down to another generation!

  4. We used to frequent the Antique Guild too. W loved that place. I think our kitchen table came from there.
    I had forgotten it was in the old Helms Bakery Building. Thanks for stirring old memories.

  5. Wow, that is a steal isn’t it? The treasures we have that we got when we were young!

    So beautiful. I had to wait over 20 yrs for a china cabinet. Mine is lovely, but not as lovely as yours.

  6. Beautiful cabinet. I remember the Helm’s Bakery man. He would come around in his truck. Like an ice cream man. To this day I still remember the wonderful smell when he would open the back of the truck and pull out the trays of bread and doughnuts.

  7. That is beautiful! My DH’s grandmother had one (owned by my MIL now), but it was about 1/2 the size of yours. I always enjoyed looking at it when we would go to visit. Thanks for sharing yours with us.


  8. I love this cabinet! So pretty. I think you got a good deal. You should read my blog about my secretary hutch full of antique baby items that I like to call “controlled clutter” because it is behind glass!

    Take care :0) Sharon

  9. What a beautiful piece of furniture! I love old things like that. Thanks for sharing. And thank you for visiting me. I am so sorry that it took me such a long time to visit you back, but it has been a busy weekend.

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