Ten on Tuesday ~ Ten Things You’d Save in a Fire

 My first Ten on Tuesday. Check out more here.

Ten Things I’d Save in a Fire

1. Any Human Being in my house.

2. My purse with my wallet, etc.

3. My cell phone.

4. My Important Papers (Passports, etc.)

5. My lap top Computer.

6. My photo albums.

7. Jewelery

8. Original Artwork

9. Keepsakes that are dearest to me.

10. Sterling

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Ten Things You’d Save in a Fire

  1. Interesting list. We discussed this in our small group one evening as an ice breaker. One person’s family tried to save the stove when the house caught on fire. I thought that was ironic. Another person’s family member saved tupperware. That was just odd.

    I would save my daughter’s information/pictures from their birth countries. Photos, as able. First off though would be the people. I couldn’t carry out three cages of birds or a tank of fish though, so my pets would most likely perish unless I just tossed the bird cages out the back door and hoped they would fare better than inside.

    Jewelery… yes, Dear has blessed me with some pretty pieces.
    Keepsakes from grandparents: darning egg from my Gram, and silver tea pot from Grandpa’s train days.

    Oh, perhaps the girls’ wedding gifts… long story, but we already have a gift for each girl that follows their country’s tradition, and each is actually from their country of birth.

    The rest could burn. I would love to save my Bible, but I know I can get others. Is that bad of me?
    I liked that you collaged the photos for your answer. How do you do that?
    Blessings, Kim
    on to our history lesson…

    Hi Kim, I had the same thoughts about my Bible. I do the collages with picasa2 then upload them to photobucket and then onto my blog…enjoy history!

  2. Seeing the jewelry and silver on there makes me think maybe I should have done my list as if I were in someone else’s house. Might have been more interesting that way. For example, “Ten things you’d save if you were in Steve Jobs’ house during a fire.” Or maybe George Bush’s house. Or maybe Paris Hilton’s. Or maybe Osama bin Laden’s. This actually could turn into a fun fiction prompt. Hmm… Sorry, I got distracted there.

  3. Interesting list. I would do 1 thru 5; it would take me too long to find all my pictures; would have to take out our 2 cats; I might grab a blanket and pillow.

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