WFMW ~ Be Prepared!

If you homeschool anywhere in Southern California this is a book that you should add to your resources. This is a comprehensive guide (793 Pages) to any educational, recreational, fun place you’d want to experience. I went to a presentation that Susan gave to our transitions group. The company my husband works for hires a group to help transition new employees and their families into this new part of the world they find themselves employed in. Susan Peterson has done her research well and she homeschools her 3 sons and has been to most of the places she recommends in her book. Even if you don’t live in Southern California you can benefit from some tips from her. She says…

 Never Leave Home Without These Essentials

1. Snacks –always carry snacks and a water bottle. Listening to a child whine because he is hungry or thirsty can drive any parent over the edge.
2. Map –
3. Tissues and/or Wipes
4. Quarters (metered parking)
5. Toys/books/games
6. CD’s  (Music or Books on CD)
7. First Aid Kit –
bandaids, ointment, adhesive tape, scissors, an ice pack, Benedryl, disposable gloves, a sewing kit, and and Tylenol for kids and adults.
8. Roadside emergency kit – jumper cables, flares, a flashlight, batteries, extra drinking water, tools, matches.
9. Jacket – pack a light jacket or sweater for unexpected change in weather or plans. Throw in a change of clothes for little ones just in case they get muddy or wet.
10. Blanket – For picnics or if someone gets cold or for other emergencies.
11. Fanny Pack
12. Sunscreen
13. Camera –
ya don’t have to tell a blogger to remember their camera!
14. Grocery Bag: It holds trash, excuse me, I mean treasures, that kids collect…
15. Container (for motion sickness)
16. A Sense of Humor

So this is my Works For Me Wednesday tip for y’all. Head on over to Rocks in my Dryer and get more educated!

Ht: Fun Places to Go with Kids and Adults by Susan Peterson ~ Fun Places Publishing, California, copyright 2006 by Susan Peterson.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “WFMW ~ Be Prepared!

  1. Great list! Thanks so much for sharing – I try to have most of those things, with the exception of #11 and #15…and sometimes I just forget and leave my sense of humor at home!

  2. Looks like a cool book.

    I have most of those things with me also…except not the “fanny pack”… 1980’s called and they want their fanny pack back. hee hee!


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