1994 World Cup ~ Los Angeles

I am a huge soccer fan. Our boys played soccer on club teams and on their high school Varsity teams. They both played defense, sweeper and full back. I never missed a game and after they graduated I still went to the high school games. Our daughter Katie played soccer on a recreational team. She played goalie and mostly defense. When World Cup is on I try to watch every single game that is televised. The following photos and memorabilia are from the 1994 World Cup. Josh got a 4 game package for games in Los Angeles. Dan and I went to the Brazil ~ Cameroon game at Stanford.

We all got to go to another game at the Rose Bowl, too. I drove them wherever we could get any soccer action. Fun times!


These are photos of Josh and Dan at the U.S. Soccer Team training facility and at the hotel where the team was staying. We were so excited to find the hotel where the team was staying. The players were so approachable and kind to the boys. They managed to get every players signature that was on the team and all but one of the coaches. Josh has that poster framed and in his office.


They also got Tony Meola and Cobi Jones to sign these magazines that we later framed.


I still hope to someday experience a soccer game (futbol) in England.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

3 thoughts on “1994 World Cup ~ Los Angeles

  1. My dad was at the Los Angeles World Cup final. He recently bequeathed to us the ticket framed with a Waterford crystal soccer ball commemorating the event. Huge soccer fans over here in GA, too. Fun post to read, and amazing pictures of all the player memorabilia.

    Elle, that must have been something to be at a world cup final game. blessings…

  2. that’s when I knew there would always be things we couldn’t share…

    Jody, that’s what makes our friendship strong we admit our incompatibilities!

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