Eight Random Things Meme

Guide lines: List eight random things or habits about yourself. At the end of your post, select eight people to follow suit

Susanna Rose from Mommy, Inc. has tagged me for a meme. Something I learned from her meme is that she is named after Susanna Wesley and she puts marshmallows in her tea! Here we go then….

1. If someone offered me a free trip anywhere I’d go to The British Isles again and again….

2. I was raised Semi-Kosher. We did not eat pork or shell fish and even avoided butchers who used the same knives to cut beef and pork.  I’ve seen the light and read Peter’s vision in Acts 10,  so I can really enjoy BLT’s now.

3.  I really enjoy soccer (World Cup 2004 post coming soon).  I like to watch World Cup Soccer Games live so I’ll get up at the crack of dawn to do that.

4. All my children are adults now, 2 sons and a daughter. My oldest son is married. They all live in Washington State.  Dear and I are in California where Dear is working right now but we would both love to be back in Washington State.

5. We own 3 Toyotas. The 1992 Corolla has 240,000 miles, the 1999 Camry has 125,000 miles and the 2007 Camry has  7500 miles. They are all original to us. We run them into the ground before we give them up.

6. I’ve developed this new habit/hobby called blogging. Since I’ve started blogging curious people have come out of the woodwork wondering what I do all day or how many hours I spend blogging.

7. I sat in the press box at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with Elton John’s mother and a few others during his concert there in 1975. All I can say is that it was so darn loud I couldn’t see straight. I tried stuffing T.P. in my ears but it didn’t help.  I was used to loud music but I’m saying this was over the top hurt your ears and head loud! I’m not sure the bragging rights are worth it especially since the only thing I remember about it was his mother and my poor ears…

8. I have a habit of conversing in song lyrics at times. So if I leave a comment on your blog that sounds vaguely familiar and lyrical you’ll know what I’m up. You should know though if someone does that you’ve got a friend. So if you need a commenter you just call, call out my name, and you know wherever I am I’ll come runnin to comment again…

Oh my who to tag? As I always say ignore this if you’d like and if you play give me a holler so I can read your randomness!


About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Eight Random Things Meme

  1. Yay on embracing BLT’s! We feel the same way about Toyotas! We have a 1995 4-runner with about 120,000 miles and a 2000 Echo with about 170,000!

    Sonya, BLt’s and Toyota’s yahoo! Blessings on you…

  2. Love the World Cup! Soccer is huge at my house so we are big fans and anticipate the Cup with ALMOST as much eagerness as we anticipate the Tour de France (not kidding).

    You forgot my favorite random thing about you–the Christian rock band!

    Lisa, You’ll have to keep your eye out for my World Cup ’94 post! It’s because of our Christian Rock Band experience in England that we were at that Elton John concert! Blessings….

  3. Goooooooooooaaaaaaal! With you completely on the soccer. This season I have one on a travel team and the youngest starting with a recreation team. It’s soccer 24/7 here. Looking forward to the post.

    Oh Elle, those were the days… enjoy girl!

  4. You crack me up in number 8. Singing along w/ya (but necessarily in key!)

    Mary Lou, You don’t know just how ridiculous I am. I hope you’ll get a chance to experience it! blessings….

  5. That settles it! You are one of the coolest people I “know”…

    Bee, I have my moments but generally I’m pretty boring…blessings!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog (Beyond the Red Door) and leaving me a comment. Yes, I am counting down to the seconds how long until the kids return to school. hahahhahaha

    We are soccer lovers around here too. and I laughed at your BLT comment.

    It’s nice to “meet” you. I am going to add you to my list of friends and come visit you often.

    Have a great day!


    Hi Pam, It’s nice to meet you, too. Blessings…

  7. Ellen,

    I wish I had seen this earlier…we were traveling all day from New York to Atlanta on Saturday and then I have had hardly any computer time since being in ATL! Anyways, I’m glad you decided to play along with this and it is fun to learn more about you! I think it’s interesting you grew up semi-kosher…I cannot imagine having such dietary restrictions;) I think it is interesting how many products these days are apparently kosher but it is sort of like the over use of organic now…it seems like the original intent has been lost or something?! Also, I feel you on being so far from you kids! That must be tough…it is good they are all in close proximity to one another though!


    Susanna, Have fun in Atlanta! That was fun, thanks for tagging me. Blessings…

  8. Well, Hi there, I’m a little “late” getting around. What a fun meme! I too write, talk and think in song lyrics. Also in Dr. Suess book quotes. I understand kosher, but it would be very hard for me to follow. I once nannied for a family that kept kosher. The plates and tableware were ok, for some reason I just could not remember which tupperware was which. Hardest was when I house sat for them. Fortunately, they always kept paper plates for folk like me 🙂 I will say this, as I Christian, I learned more from that family about thier faith, my faith and general good child rearing than I have from anyone else.

    see you soon

    Mighty Mom, Thankfully we didn’t do the 2 sets of dishes milk/meat thing. We were a little more casual about it. Blessings…

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