Many Hands…

…make light work.

We got the professional photos from the wedding and I’m going to share them in a series. I want to acknowledge our photographer Jeremy Leffel. We’ve known for a few years that we would hire him for Katie’s wedding. When she became engaged we knew the date we chose would have to be a date that Jeremy was available.  So the photos I’ll be sharing are all taken by him. We can’t recommend him enough to anyone needing a wedding photographer.

Here are some pre-wedding shots…

Our hairdresser Sherri was indispensable to us the morning of the wedding. If you can have the hairdresser come to your venue it really makes the whole pre wedding preparations more relaxed.

Our nieces Melissa and Debbee helped the girls with their make-up.

The venue provided a wonderful plate of cheeses, fruit and champagne for us.

The guys found a local spot to the venue to get some sandwiches and drinks to tide them over.

Yep…it took many hands to make the whole celebration light work. We continue to be thankful.