July Photo Challenge 26-31


Joining Kati for July photo-a-day challenge.

Days 26 to 31

26. 9 o’clock

At 9 a.m. yesterday it was already 70 degrees. We knew we were in for another hot one!

27. Cloud

28. Blue & 30. Shapes

I love the blue on and the shapes of these pots and tea cups made in Russia.

29. Flip Flops

31. My own theme: Busy, busy, busy…

And that’s a wrap for the July photo a day challenge. Thank you Kati for the prompts.

Welcome to August. We are starting the month off in record breaking heat here in the Seattle area. I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. We don’t have any big plans for August. Tomorrow we’ll travel to Canada for a get-together. Later in the month we have a small group barbecue here. Dear will be working at our son’s home doing a remodel hoping there are no big surprises when they remove walls, etc. I have lots of before and afters to post on this old house. The latest are two windows added to the garage/shop.

What’s in store for you in August?

Cooling Off Blessings!

The timing of our son’s wedding and leftover company happened to be during a heat wave that we aren’t used to here in the Pacific Northwest! Our dear friends graciously invited us and our company over to cool off in their pool and enjoy a meal!

Such a beautiful setting on the Puget Sound.

We have finally cooled down to some bearable temperatures for me. I cringe when I see the heat and humidity in other parts of the country. Hope you are finding good ways to keep cool in your neck of the woods.