How Things Sit in May…

I wanted to get some views of our country bungalow so I would have some before shots since painting the exterior of our home is on our minds.

We are still deciding on the color palette. Our garage and shop are a biscuit color. We aren’t planning on matching the three structures.

While I was doing this walkabout I took some photos of our views first looking North.

This section of our front yard has this lane and to the right are some bushes and trees, a ditch and then the road.

Following our road you will eventually get to the Canadian border.

Southeast you see some of the destruction from a fire a few years before we moved here.

Looking to the East from our property.

We are more and more thankful for God’s leading in our move to this part of Washington State. I didn’t know how I’d manage being so far from a large city and all the conveniences a large city has to offer. We’ve managed just fine. I’ve embraced Wal-Mart. We have many small businesses that we try to support. We have a hospital. Our church is Bible believing (Inerrancy of the Bible), Bible teaching, Gospel centered (Teaching God’s Truth, not stories or opinion), and doctrinally sound. If that was missing it would be tough to live here. Having our middle son, his wife and our two grandchildren here goes a long way in adding to our country comfort. We are able to travel South whenever we feel the need to stock up the pantry with offerings from Costco or Trader Joe’s.  We travel about 70 miles generally without any traffic and at 60 miles an hour most of the way. There are only 2 stop lights between our home and the Spokane area. One of those stoplights is in our town and the other one is in Chewelah twenty three miles apart.  Spokane has all the box stores and a myriad of restaurants to choose from.

Moving onward into the last full week of May and ending with Memorial Weekend. Hope all is well from where you are sitting.