Ross Bay Cemetery ~ 2

In my 2nd post of photos from Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria, B.C. there are a few photos from the Military Section of the grounds.


To the memory of those who died for King and Country in the Great War 1914-1919




This next Tombstone I found very weird. Not exactly what I’d want watching over my dust.







This angel is a lot more comforting than that bird!


We got some sunshine today and it was such a welcome relief.  I did some shopping for our Easter Meal and stopped in at one of my favorite cooking equipment stores. When I got home I was able to mow the lawn and it was so much easier this week than last.

We were very saddened this past Sunday to hear about a devastating tornado that destroyed some military housing and damaged several more military homes at Camp Lejeune, N.C. This is the Marine Base where our son-in-law is stationed. He was not at the base at the time but someone in his unit got the call that his wife was injured and his toddler was in critical condition because of the tornado destroying their home. Please pray for this family as the mom is needing medical attention and the toddler is still in critical condition. Thank you.

Photobucket replaced all my photos with these blurred out versions and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.