ABC Wednesday ~ F is for

F is for Friends of the Library Bookstore!

Camarillo has a beautiful new library with a fabulous Friends of the Library Bookstore.

It is one of the bigger Friends of the Library stores that I’ve ever been in.

Their sections include hardbound fiction, paper back, Classics, Children’s, Travel, Food, Gardening, Craft, Poetry, Mystery, Science Fiction, Magazines, Large Print, etc.

Everything is reasonably priced. The majority of the books and magazines range from 25 cents to $2.99. Some of the more collectible books are priced higher.

These are some goodies I picked up yesterday.

I’ve purchased lots of books here that are in wonderful shape for a fraction of the price when brand new.

My favorite find this time around is this classic children’s book by Burgess that has a copyright date of 1910.

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