Limited Edition!

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a beautiful limited edition Bible published by Allan Publishers who were based in Glasgow, Scotland, and have since moved to Southwest London. Here’s what they say about their Bibles.

Bible 008

For 150 years – since 1863 – we have been producing and selling our own exclusive Allan range of high quality, hand-finished Bibles which are both beautiful and durable. They are probably the finest leather-bound Bibles you can buy.

2014-01-03 Bible

My Bible’s font is 10 pt which means I can read it easily even though my eyes aren’t working as they used to.

Romans 003

This will be my last personal Bible. I’ve decided to transfer my notes from my other Bibles to this Bible. Who knows how long that will take. We ordered a special pen to do that with, too, that’s recommended for fine paper and has archival qualities.

2014-01-03 Bible2

Whatever book of the Bible you open to this Bible lays flat and doesn’t try to close up on you…very cool feature. The highland goatskin leather smells real good.

2014-01-03 Bible1

The copy I own is 113 of 150 total published.

Bible 005The first paragraph of the Preface supports the extravagant purchase of my new Bible.

“This book is the most valuable thing that the world affords. Here is Wisdom: this is the royal law; these are the lively oracles of God.” With these words the moderator of the Church of Scotland hands a Bible to the new monarch in Britain’s coronation service. These words echo the King James Bible translators, who wrote in 1611: “God’s sacred Word…is that inestimable treasure that excelleth all the riches of the earth.” This assessment of the Bible is the motivating force behind the publication of the English Standard Version. “

My plan for this year is to read five Psalms a day and one Proverb a day which means by the end of the year I would have read the Psalms and Proverbs 12 times. There’s a Russian saying that says that “repetition is the mother of learning”. The verses that I’ve chosen to concentrate on meditating on this year are Romans 12: 1-2.

Do you choose a Bible reading plan or a key verse for the new year?