Four-Ociously JJ

Our grandson had a fun dinosaur party with a huge surprise. As soon as I can upload all my photos there will be more than one post about our time together this past weekend.

The cutest little dinosaur.

Another awesome creation by our daughter-in-law. JJ asked for lemon cake and wanted the dinosaur to be green.

It was another full weekend with many meals together and fun. It’s always good to get the texts that say our west side kids made it home safely on their 350 mile journey home.

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17 thoughts on “Four-Ociously JJ

  1. Adorable!!! What a cute costume and cake. James’ first birthday was dinosaurs but that’s because his mom is into them. Now he will probably have his 5th birthday with trains. Have a nice week.

  2. The cake and your little dinosaur are both adorable! I used to love planning and throwing my girls birthday parties when they were little. Can’t imagine how overboard I might have gone had I had something like Etsy or Pinterest lol.

  3. What a darling cake! And it doesn’t look too complicated, as birthday cakes go these days. When my children were young, my go-to birthday cake decoration was a flat cake with lots of gumdrops on top, in some orderly arrangement. That always pleased, and it was long before Instagram, so I didn’t often see any gorgeous examples to compare to.

    • Thank you. M & M’s were a great hit on the simple cakes I made for our kids when they were little. I did make a train cake for our 2nd born and he requested that one again because he enjoyed it so much.

  4. Ellen – ok, I am in suspense over the BIG surprise!!! Love all the dinosaur themed items, especially that too-yummy-to-resist cake!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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