The Buck Stops Here…

…this buck did stop by this morning for a nibble here and there in our brush.

I thought his coloring was interesting.

We borrowed our son’s tractor and Dear got a great start on getting rid of some piles of rock and dirt depositing the piles into the drained pond.

We still have lots of room for more dirt in the pond. The piles below are all leveled out now.

While watching the tractor work I zoomed in on some late blooms in the yard that are waning with the end of summer.

It was a hot day on Wednesday and I’ll wait to finish some summer weeding on Thursday morning. Mornings have been very cool here these last days of August. After the last of the weeding we are spreading some bark in an attempt to diminish the huge pile of bark left by the former owners. We are swiftly approaching our 1 year anniversary of owning our Country Bungalow. Now that we are more settled I’ll pay attention to the next four seasons of life here to determine which is my favorite at our Country Bungalow.

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18 thoughts on “The Buck Stops Here…

  1. You have made great progress in such a large garden. Great to have the digger to help. You have some lovely visitors to your garden, very special. Your cone flowers are at the same stage as ours despite the distance of many miles. Happy weeding. B x

  2. I’m glad that you can share heavy duty machinery for work around your land. The deer is happy to nibble at some juicy berries, but is soon alert and his hearing must be excellent.
    Lovely late summer flowers in your garden.

  3. Hello, the buck is beautiful, great captures. I love your pretty flowers. The year went by quickly, you have a lovely place. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend ahead!

  4. The buck is shedding his summer coat and getting his winter coat… soon he will be ready to stay warm in the winter. Have a beautiful day!

  5. Are you folks going to be advertising for “clean fill”? Whenever John wanted clean fill, he’d call the town to see if there were any projects they were working on that might mean getting rid of good dirt. Who knew how BIG that pond was?!

    Your buck is a handsome fellow…hope that he doesn’t eat too much. It’s bear season here these days. I hope that a fair number are taken as it’s getting way too interesting around here. My cross the street neighbor had a bear at her bird feeder this summer. We are right in town, not out in the country.

    • Vee, that is a good idea about calling on haulers to bring their good dirt to our pond. Bears! No bears here, yet. We didn’t see a rattlesnake yet this summer, either. Happy about that. We are also in an area where wolves and cougars, mountain lions enjoy. The only cats we’ve seen are feral. 🙂

  6. A year?! No way! Really lovely flowers on your property. Makes me wistful to hear words like “cool mornings” and “end of summer”. As you know, we Southern Californians have another six weeks at least of “summer”.

  7. I love that ‘the buck stopped there’! And I so enjoy enjoy seeing the pic’s from around your yard…now that I can envision it so nicely! Good luck in filling that bottomless pit. 🙂

  8. This year has gone fast. We’ve been in our new house a year now too.
    That is strange coloring on the deer.
    That tractor looks a like our Kubota!!!

  9. I love all those wild flowers! And that buck, is it losing it’s fur? Is that why the back of it’s neck is dark? It IS beautiful!

  10. Your property is looking so beautiful! I can’t believe that you’ve been there so long already. The buck is gorgeous – what a great sight to see in your own backyard. Greg looks very comfortable on that tractor – he’s turning into a farmer!? I’m hoping to get my perennial beds in better shape for Winter this year. It makes all the difference in the Spring! Here’s to September …

  11. Loved your last line – so true! Things change but not Christ!

    Your place is looking so lovely. Great photos of the buck and your flowers.

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