Red Squirrel

Another surprise on our property.

This is the one and only squirrel we’ve seen on our property. We were excited to see it since we’ve never seen a red squirrel in person before.

Latin name:
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus
The red squirrel is about the same size as the Douglas squirrel and lives in coniferous forests and semi-open woods in northeast Washington. It is rusty-red on the upper part and white or grayish white on its underside.
The squirrel didn’t stay long but I was really happy that I happened to have my camera on me when it appeared.
We have more surprises to share soon from around our Country Bungalow.
Have a good day everyone…
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13 thoughts on “Red Squirrel

  1. Great photo and I have gray squirrels. Daddy’s first hunting trip, when he was 12 years old, was a gray squirrel which he had mounted. When I was in Scotland, talked to some women, one of whom was on a mission to see red squirrels. Not realizing I’d put my foot in my mouth, I laughed and said, “Squirrel’s make tasty eating back home”. She was not amused. The other woman said, “Yeah, I’ve eaten them as well but I was raised in the country (or she might have said rural…my 3 minute memory here). THEN I said, “On my farm, squirrel’s are vermin.” There was a noticeable posture adjustment and the rural woman said, “Oh, don’t use the V word; not acceptable” with a nod toward my new lost friend.
    That led to an interesting conversation later…about how rural and urban, country and city people view life. Quite differently as you might expect.

  2. Red squirrels are few and far between in the UK. There is conservation going on to raise the numbers, but the grey squirrel, which is considered vermin, seems to rule the roost.

  3. We have lots of red squirrels around where we are. The ones here are pretty small.
    You captured some great pictures.

  4. Super photos of this cute little guy. Exciting to see one for the first time. We only have the grey ones here, an occasional black one too but that’s rare.

  5. How exciting to see a red squirrel. They’re rare in the UK. We have plenty of grey ones. I quite like seeing them to photograph, but the ones in the woodland areas, especially in the park, are very bold. They come right up and stare as they want to be fed. I’m not sure about them when they do that. Will they leap up? A shy red squirrel must be wonderful to see.

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