Pancakes Today…

…no Hodgepodge tomorrow. I know some of you really enjoy the Wednesday Hodgepodge but Joyce is taking this week off and we’ll have to wait till next week for some new questions. In the meantime you can click over to Mennonite Girls Can Cook for a Yogurt Pancake Recipe I posted today.

Since we don’t have our regular Hodgepodge Questions why don’t you answer these next 4 random questions in comments.

Now here are my 4 random questions:

1. God has decided to send you on a Mission trip, where are you going and why?

2. You have a free afternoon to read uninterrupted. Where would you choose to read?

3. If you were stuck in an elevator for over an hour what music would you want playing while you were stuck?

4. You have to travel from the west coast to the east coast of your country, what 5 cities would you want to spend time in?

I’ll post my answers tomorrow.

We have sunshine today. I’m hoping to get out into it.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Pancakes Today…

  1. 1. Some inner city America because that is where my heart feels led.
    2. In a cozy cabin in front of the fireplace on the coast.
    3. Prefer no music. Generally have a book to read and it would interrupt that.
    4. Skip the cities and explore the small towns but definitely hit Hamilton, MO

    • Hello Leanne, that’s a great idea to have a book in your bag. I’ll have to look up Hamilton and see what it’s like. Thanks for answering…

  2. 1. To help the homeless in San Francisco – there are so many and everyone seems to have accepted it.
    2. Until our house is finished, a coffee shop with a comfy couch and a fireplace.
    3. Abba Best Hits
    4. Bar Harbor, Maine; Savannah; Nashville; San Antonio; Spokane

    • Thanks for playing, Angie. I enjoyed reading your answers. The homeless camps along the west coast are very large in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, too. Don’t know the answer for it. I like how you made it to the west.

  3. Love your questions.
    1.For my mission trip I’d be heading down to Mexico to help out my friends who live and serve there.
    2. Reading at my cottage on the beach please.
    3. Unless I was alone on the elevator, in which case I’d pull out my Kindle and read, I’d prefer to spend the time talking to whoever was stuck with me.
    4. I’d drive up to Chicago, the down to St. Louis, MO. and then Nashville, New Orleans, and over to Savannah. 😎

    • That’s a good point about the elevator question. If I wasn’t alone I’d probably do a lot of talking! Love your zig zagging road trip! Thanks for playing.

  4. Thanks for the recipe. I would definitely read a romance novel and the elevator would be playing smooth jazz.

  5. Wish I had had this pancake recipe the day before yesterday. I had such a craving for pancakes, had to make some for my breakfast. And I NEVER make pancakes….haha must be hormones.
    Your questions are really very random, but it’s fun to answer them.

    1. Maybe to China, because my sister is a missionay there and I would like to see how and what they are doing.
    2. Definitely in my hammock that hangs outside on my porch.
    3. Country or German “Schlager”
    4. I couldn’t name 5 cities of my country I would want to spend time in going that direccion. First there would be Asuncion (the capitol), then going east I would stop at Caacupe and end up in Ciudad del Este, the most eastern city of the country. Thats 3. 🙂

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