Tea at Lovella’s

To get to this lovely setting and presentation it takes lots of planning ahead and sometimes it takes many hands.

All the Mennonite Girls from British Columbia and me, the U.S.A. cousin, hadn’t been together since December. It was high tea time for us to get together again and Lovella graciously offered her home knowing that it is easier for me to get there from the U.S.A.

Can you take enough photos to document all the planning, baking and creating of these beautiful delicacies?

Anneliese baked, mixed and put together this tiered platter of gluten free tea bites for Julie and all of us. They were so tasty and she’ll share the recipe sometime in the future on our blog.

There were eight of us around the table on this day and we sorely missed our two Mennonite Girls from Manitoba. Lovella made these beautiful cookies for each of us and they served as place cards letting us know where to sit.

Some close ups of what we enjoyed.

Kathy made this fruit salad with a nice dressing that she will share soon.

And here is a little glimpse in how it all came together just before we sat down at Lovella’s table.

Lovella worked ahead of time to make the tea come together making pastry puff cones to stuff with an egg salad mixture and other tea treats.

Judy put together a lovely Earl Grey punch that she’ll be sharing soon on the blog.

Bev made some wonderful tarts with basil and other yummy ingredients, bottom right. Lovella also made mini croissants from scratch, rhubarb scones, and plain scones. Lovella provided lemon curd, blackberry preserves and creme fraiche to go with the scones.

When we ate enough of the savory treats Lovella brought out these delicacies that she had also prepared ahead of time for us. Melt in your mouth pavlova goodness!

We had a great time of catching up and taking care of some business for some upcoming events.

I’m very thankful for my Mennonite Girl friends and all I’ve learned and enjoyed since God plopped me into this community. Thank you Lovella for such a lovely time that you thought out and brought together for all of us. Thanks to all the other girls for their contributions to our wonderful time of feasting and of fellowship. It was a sacred time.


About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

26 thoughts on “Tea at Lovella’s

  1. Looks like a beautiful – and tasty – time!

    It is so interesting how God “plops” us all right where He wants us to be.

  2. You beautiful Mennonite Girls could not have enjoyed a better spread at the finest tea house in the land. So glad that you had the time together and I am always intrigued by “future business.”

  3. That tea party looks fantastic!!!! Absolutely beautiful and the beautiful ladies that partook! I never tire seeing all the fabulous things you ladies do! Like Vee, I am curious about your “meeting agenda”.

  4. Well documented Ellen, and beautiful photos that take everything to the next level of high tea.
    It was truly a remarkable event of pooling the talents together and sharing friendship.

  5. Ellen, you have no idea how thankful that God plopped you in the middle of the community. That was a beautiful review of our time together. I had been thinking of showing how to do a high tea with girlfriends and you have lots of pictures to add to the post! Thank you for thinking of taking pictures!

  6. Oh, that tea looks luxurious! What a gift from the hands of those who lovingly prepared . . . from the darling cookie place cards to the table settings to all of the delectable treats!

  7. Oh my such a wonderful selections of treats for your afternoon tea. The photographs had me salivating over your bounty.
    Look forward to seeing and trying recipes.
    Will this be on your blog or do the other ladies have blogs as well? Or will they be in your next cookbook?
    The personalized cookie place cards are lovely too! You all must have such fun gathering together.

  8. What a heavenly event you all shared together. I am looking forward to seeing those recipies you mentioned.

  9. Absolutely scrumptious looking, What a wonderful tea party you all had! Friends are one of God’s greatest gifts to us! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Superb, Lovella did a wonderful job of presenting the beautiful treats. Pastry chefs couldn’t do a better job.

  11. What a beautiful setting and all the goodies were unbelievable! I would love some of the recipes that I saw of items on the table. Thanks for sharing your wonderful afternoon!

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