The Attic

13882504_10210295058761144_1181105195605208738_nWe have an attic that is easy to access with a drop down staircase. We keep holiday bins up there, luggage, old files, Katie’s stuff, and some of Dear’s parents memorabilia. We also have our kids old toys that we drag down when we have little ones visiting.

yard&attic 010

bake-attic 035

Looking down from the attic to our main floor.

13879209_10210297015490061_2440112983852184676_nThe space has a very low ceiling and a wood floor that gives us splinters when we crawl around up there. We decided to organize and to put some inexpensive outdoor/indoor carpeting on the floor.

13901447_10210320701602199_4947315802862830364_nThe process begins. Wiring also needed to be moved and tucked away.


bake-attic 034

The new carpeting installed and the bins organized.

bake-attic 033

bake-attic 032

bake-attic 031

An inexpensive project that will make our lives easier every time we head up those attic stairs to access our seasonal stuff.

Do you have an attic? How do you access it? In the meantime Dear is busy on another outdoor project and he had some interesting company today.


Can you see the wild bunny?

Update on our attic space. Many of you suggested this would be a fun place for kids. Here’s the first kid to enjoy our newly carpeted attic space. She and Andrew are here today waiting for the arrival of our kids from the East.


Her Awana shirt still fits from her elementary days!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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16 thoughts on “The Attic

  1. Your attic looks very tidy! if I was a kid, I’d make it into my smuggler’s cave! Quoting Narnia; The Magician’s Nephew: “Polly had discovered long ago that if you opened a certain little door in the box-room attic of her house you would find the cistern and a dark place behind it which you could get into by a little careful climbing. The dark place was like a long tunnel with brick wall on one side and sloping roof on the other. In the roof there were little chunks of light between the slates. There was no floor in this tunnel: you had to step from rafter to rafter, and between them there was only plaster. If you stepped on this you would find yourself falling through the ceiling of the room below. Polly had used the bit of the tunnel just beside the cistern as a smugglers’ cave. She had brought up bits of old packing cases and the seats of broken kitchen chairs, and things of that sort, and spread them across from rafter to rafter so as to make a bit of floor. Here she kept a cash-box containing various treasures, and a story she was writing and usually a few apples. She had often drunk a quiet bottle of ginger-beer in there: the old bottles made it look more like a smugglers’ cave.”

  2. Wow! It looks amazing!!! I wish we had an attic storage– when our girls were young we lived in a house that had an attic- in the remodel we found a chewed up baby shoe, old letters (we gave to the grandchild of the previous owner) that dated back to the 1950’s!!
    I love cleaning up projects! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great idea and now it looks so organised. Love the window at the end of the attic. Our attic had a higher roof so we converted it some years ago to a bedroom and bathroom. B x

  4. Your attic looks amazing – what a difference!!! We just have a crawl space attic but do have some storage above our “newish” garage with a drop down stairs just like yours. I can tell you it surely doesn’t look as organized as yours – eek! Well done and looking forward to seeing what new project Dear and the bunny are doing.

  5. What a great idea you folks came up with! That will almost make accessing your stuff a pleasant experience…at least, you won’t dread it so much. No, no attic here, but I do have a dungeon, errr, basement. That rabbit really is camouflaged.

  6. Your attic space looks like a great place for a child to hide away and read, or dream, or watch the world go by. I’ve always longed for an attic space – they seem so romantic. Much more so than a basement. That’s what we have!

  7. well…I’ve never, in my entire looong life, seen such a beautiful, carpeted, well organized attic !
    We had one at our olden house with stairs like yours and we loved it…we could walk but had to bend way over…:)
    We have one here, too, and it has the same pull down stairs…we don’t use it for storage since Bill built the storage room last year…

  8. Wow! You are one organized storager! That is a great a great space and I like that pull down staircase! We have access to part of our attic through the garage but have to get a shaky stand up ladder and there is no window up there. Have to watch where you walk so you don’t crash through the ceiling. I guess floor boards would help. Funny how Katie’s Awana shirt still fits.

  9. What a wonderfully organized attic. We have 3 separate attics and each has a a pull down ladder much like your own but nowhere near as well put together. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. Heck, I could live up there! It looks great and really well organized. We hope to better organize our storage area in our daughter and SILs barn this summer… I have some things there we can use in the apartment and no doubt some things we can take to GoodWill.

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