Good Fences

I’m sharing the rest of the fences from our time at our son’s in Eastern Washington.

sunday chewelah 022

These are the gates and fences along the walking route my daughter in law and I enjoyed during our visit.

chewelah walk 079 chewelah walk 078 chewelah walk 064 sunday chewelah 007

Spring is pretty in this part of Washington State. It is also a perfect environment for mosquitoes and wasps.

I’m linking up to Good Fences #113 with TexWisGirl from The Run*A*Round Ranch Report.

We’ve started a new project at this old house. We are replacing the front walkway up to our front door.


Out with the old, in with the new.

12 thoughts on “Good Fences

  1. Rural fences, especially those in bush areas, are really interesting.
    Good luck with the new walkway. That’s a job we’ll have to tackle one of these days, so I’ll be watching your progress with interest.

  2. You found some great fences…with character…
    love your new walkway…isn’t it just fun to get new things for the house…

  3. Hello, wonderful fence finds from your walk. The views and scenery are pretty. Good luck with your new walkway project. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. You are right about your area being so pretty! I’d love to walk and roam the lanes and fields and hills!
    There are always lots of projects involved in property maintenance but I’m sure your new walkway will be lovely, as is the rest of your home!
    Have a great day!

  5. Fun! A new walkway! We want a new fence but one of the estimates was $10,000. Wow! I guess we won’t get a new fence!
    Spring has been gorgeous in your neck of the woods, Ellen!

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