Fences with Flowers…

On my neighborhood walk in the Spring these are the flowers and scenes I see with different fences.


The start of my walk on this sunny morning is from the front of our home on the drive that leads out to the neighborhood. That’s our pear tree on the left at the beginning of the drive. Me and my shadow…


This is the first lilac that I pass along my route with white plastic fence sections you can buy at the big box hardware stores.


At the middle of my walk I see these beautiful rhododendrons against a wooden fence. I want to buy one of these varieties for my yard.


Tulips blooming with a wooden fence in the background across the street from the pretty rhoddies.


Home again, home again, chain link fence. This is the back of our property that happens to back up to the street. Our house is backwards where all the other houses in this neighborhood face the street we turn our back on it! We fool a lot of new delivery people. Our home was the first one in this neighborhood tract. Our old house used to be a nursery with no properties around it at all. The streets and the rest of the neighborhood were added when whoever owned this old house sold it for development.

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13 thoughts on “Fences with Flowers…

  1. Hello, your neighborhood is pretty. So many flowers and blossoms. I like the firs tshadow shot. It is slow to bloom around my area. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. Well, your house looks GREAT from the back! I want a composite material white fence if our neighbors move. We love our current neighbors and want to chat across the backyards, but a bright high fence would feel so cozy. Have a happy day, dear Ellen!

  3. Isn’t it wonderful to take a stroll on a beautiful spring day & see what’s abloom ? Gorgeous tulips & rhododendron flowers!
    Your neighbourhood looks so well kept!

  4. What a great neighborhood to walk in! That is funny that your house is the only facing one way, while the rest are opposite. Marching to the beat of a different drummer!

  5. That’s an interesting tidbit about your home. It must make things feel quite private that way. I’d like it except now we live in the back of our home where it is private and if we turned the house around… Spring walks have got to be delightful…we won’t take such walks for another month at least. How pretty to see all the blooming tulips and rhodos and lilacs…ahhhhh…

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