Signs, signs ~ Seattle

2015-12-30 SAM9

This is the main drive entrance to the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. The sign on the lamp post says Pike Up. This is where anyone visiting and televising something going on in Seattle goes to take photos of the fish throwing at the market.

SAM 099

There are lots of one way streets downtown. Here’s a reflection with a One Way sign.

Linking up with Lesley at signs, signs.

This photos were taken last Wednesday. We are having a picture perfect day with blue skies and sunshine today, too. Hope your New Year is going forward in a good way.

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11 thoughts on “Signs, signs ~ Seattle

  1. I get very confused in Seattle. In Colorado, we can see for miles and we can almost always see the mountains. Bill and I still get lost in Seattle! It’s so gorgeous and one of my friend’s daughter works at Pike Place Market.

  2. We’ve been to Seattle only one time and for only one day…and had so much fun.
    It was a night and day there and the next day, we loaded onto our cruise ship to Alaska.
    We stayed at the most beautiful downtown hotel (all reservations made by our girl) and we were in walking distance of the needle…street dancers…bands playing….AWESOME restaurants to eat….we both enjoyed every single minute there. Now, of course, I wanna go back….:)

  3. Seattle is on our “one of these years we are going to visit” places!!! I have heard so many great things about your city! Another great signs post.

  4. Alas, I have no memories of Seattle. Wait, I do, too. It’s floating back to me now…”The bluest sky you’ve ever seen in Seattle…” I loved that show. What was it called? Here Come the Brides! Seattle has come a long way.

  5. We’ve only been to Seattle a few times, but one of those times we did go to Pike’s Place and saw the fish throwing. Fun, especially after seeing it on Sleepless in Seattle.

  6. It rained all night here in Florida! So why am I here and not in Seattle (or Eugene). Boohoo. (It is nice now, 75 and sunny, so I better not complain.). I saw somebody’s funny comment above re making fish throwing an Olympic Event! Funny. As far as I know, Pike Place would have that event all sewn up as the only entry. So fun. Next summer, we MUSt get there!

  7. I’ve been a bit late catching up with all those who’ve left comments on my blog over the past couple of weeks. Really like the Market sign with the inbuilt clock. Great idea of capturing the One Way sign in the window’s reflection. I wouldn’t have thought of that & just taken a straight up photo of the sign. Excellent thinking outside of the square

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