Good Fences

How to make a chain link fence more interesting…

I saw this wall just off the pier in Huntington Beach.

I’m sharing these fences from California that I took in October on Good Fences #87 with TexWisGirl.

We are enjoying electricity again after being without it for 24 hours. We have started our thankfulness early! We are thankful the temperatures were mild for this outage instead of freezing. Before the power went out I baked Snickerdoodles and if you click over to Mennonite Girls Can Cook you’ll see the recipe I used.

snickerdoodles 2 005

I’m glad I didn’t do my Thanksgiving food shopping early. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is a week from today! I’m not sure what day I’ll be making our turkey. We are invited to our friends home on Thanksgiving day. My brother and his lovely wife will be flying up for a week and will spend the holiday with us. What are your plans this year?

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17 thoughts on “Good Fences

  1. Hello, it is neat how they decorated their chain link fence. I love the mural wall. Your cookies look delicious.I hope your power is back on now. Happy Thursday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Eek!! No power for 24 hours! Yes, it is a good thing that you hadn’t purchased your Thanksgiving food! And how nice that you had those yummy looking cookies on hand. 🙂

    Your Thanksgiving week sounds exciting! We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner as we usually do. It is a bit more challenging this year, but we have lots of help and we’ll do what we can. Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year!

  3. You were one of the unfortunate ones who lost power in our wind storm this week. Here it just popped the breakers for a few seconds. – So glad you have it back now & everyone was safe. The cookies look yummy.
    Loved your mural, so cool, It would be nice to be on a beach (a warm one) like that today as it rainy and dreay outside.
    Also like the mis-mash of items they have put up against their chain link fencing, gives it great character.

  4. Boy it is a good thing you hadn’t bought your food yet … A little early to thaw that turkey ;)). We are invited to our daughter and SILs … All four generations, yay. I hope somebody makes snicker doodles , those look so good. Seriously, I might choose them over pumpkin pie!

  5. A very good thing that you hadn’t yet shopped! I am also glad that it wasn’t cold weather. Looks positively cozy with the cookies and milk. Your bread box (?) is very cool. Love that interesting first fence…

    • Yes! That is my breadbox that I bought in Jolly Old England in 2014. I made sure I had room in my suitcase for it to return with me…

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