Signs and Fences…

We took a day off from the ordinary and hit the roads east from our home to Duvall and Carnation. This is the drive into Remlinger Farms in Carnation. I’ll show you all the fun signs and fence decorations we saw.  Click here if you want to see their webpage. Here’s a little blurb about the farm; We started as a small family run farm and fruit stand and have slowly grown over the years into the Family Fun Park, Market, Restaurant and Company Picnic site we are today. Check out all we have to offer.

What are those things in the field? Here are some close-ups!

Makes me thing about being “over a barrel” but these scarecrows seem happy to be over these wheels!

We enjoyed shopping in the farm market while we were here and brought home a Remlinger Bumbleberry Pie and some Sweet Baby Corn. The bunch of carrots are from another farm we stopped at.

This was before I baked the pie. It was delicious!

This farm holds some fun family memories from the early 90’s when my husband’s employer hosted annual company picnics here. Food, drinks, and entertainment for the whole family. These were our all-time favorite company events.

I’m linking up to signs, signs with Lesley and Good Fences with TexWisGirl at Run*A*Round Ranch Report later today and tomorrow.

Hope you all have time to get out and enjoy some fall whimsy!

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25 thoughts on “Signs and Fences…

  1. This makes me want to hop a plane and come take some lovely drives through those beautiful trees and enjoy some cooler weather! Your autumn is looking very good!

  2. What a fun Autumn post. Love the pumpkins, flags and the scarecrows. Lovely Autumn colors and trees. Great fence shots! Have a happy day and weekend ahead! BTW, thanks for visiting my post.

  3. I saw a lot of ‘pumpkin people’ while on the road trip. Must be something very American, cause I don’t see many of them in Canada. And oh, a recent news is that the U.S. is facing a ‘pumpkin shortage’ and needs Canada to ship down ours. 😉

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