Before and After – Back of the House

Just to forewarn y’all, this is a photo overload post.

This photo was taken in 2000 and it was before we replaced all our windows.

This post is full of photos that are interesting for Dear and me in documenting the progression of our home improvements.

This is the finished product with the trim painted around the upper level of our home which is our master suite. The bottom narrow window is our laundry room.

Now for the process step by step…somewhat.

This rosemary bush was out of control and we ended up taking it out completely. It not only got in the way of the work but it’s fragrance when disturbed was so strong that Dear and I would get nauseated working around it.

This photo shows the planter (rosemary bush) cleared out and ready for new plantings.

Dear has done the siding and improving the “look” of our home I wanted to post the photos of  all the hard work he has put into this old house! Along the way he has had some help from our boys. Dear is taking full advantage of his “temporary retirement”. For the record, before Dear was a Pharmacist he had very different jobs as a Loader Operator in a Quarry, a repairman/welder, and a painting contractor with his father. He inherited some ladders from his father and has purchased some of his own and is comfortable on a low and high ladder. This next out of sequence photos shows his prowess.

Putting the new windows in the garage.

Yikes! That’s high!

We are considering putting up a Barn Quilt between the upper window in the loft and the middle window of our garage/shop. The lower level with the single garage door is the shop. Our garage is the middle level with a double garage door on the opposite side of the building. We might enlist our daughter’s skills in designing and painting a Celtic Cross design for our “barn quilt”.

Back in 1999…


Spring of this year.

And this is the upper entrance to the garage today with our new privacy fence showing on the right. Maybe we should put a barn quilt on this side, too.

Dear is working hard to finish up his projects on this old house because soon he’ll be working on a renovation at our son’s home. Today and tomorrow he is finishing up the trim on the garage/shop in between fast moving storms. No ladder work if there is lightning!

Do you have any projects progressing on your home?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Before and After – Back of the House

  1. Every improvement looks so beautiful, Ellen! Your husband deserves much praise for all his hard work and skill that went into getting all of this done, along with you and the rest of your family. You have made a house into a very lovely home, both inside and out.

    We had our backyard patio resurfaced this summer in a terra cotta overlay, so that we could unify old and new cement and add some color. Other than that we try putting in new shrubs every year in our landscaoing that will survive drought/ snow/ shade/ deer. It’s an ongoing process, that’s for for sure!

  2. The last of the outside painting and clean up is going slowly since The Professor is back to work prepping for the school year. I should take some photos, huh?

  3. It was great fun seeing all of the photos and the wonderful progression that you and your hubby have made in improving your home!! Your husband is quite talented. His past experiences have been a plus…and a cost-saver too!

    I think a barn quilt would be a lovely addition to your barn!

  4. So nice to document the changes. Your ‘Dear” is an accomplished rennovator for sure.
    The Barn Quilt would be the icing on the cake!

  5. What a great job on your place. I’m all excited about the idea of you doing a barn quilt! It would be really special if your daughter designed it.

  6. Your Dear has made some wonderful improvements to your home. Everything seems very well thought out. Your idea of a Celtic Cross would fill I’m the two areas nicely.
    Ps. The other side of the privacy fence is perfect!

  7. It is so good to be married to a versatile husband! You two have done a lovely job… Been there, done that here … Although we have one more project we’d like to do on the Florida cottage … Small potatoes compared to yours ( and to the ones we completed in our ” other life. ” No more high ladders!

  8. You have both done an amazing job on your home. That was high! (I felt a little pang about the loss of the rosemary bush or perhaps you only moved it.)

  9. Wow, what a difference! The siding going sideways rather than up and down looks so much better. What a blessing to have a hubby who tackles home projects himself. Mine is the same way.

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