Hello May!

Early this morning on this first day of May I wandered around our yard and clicked away…

So full, so lush, so many shades of green to enjoy.

Our state flower is the Rhododendron and some of our bushes are blooming.

The soft pink Rose Bud Azaleas bloom later than the bright ones in the next photo.

I’ll give my lilac blooms till Sunday to completely open up and then I’ll bring them inside to enjoy their fragrance.

Thankful today and joining Susanne’s Fave Five to say…

Thank you Lord for Spring flowers and the month of May.

Thank you Lord for a yard that I can enjoy your creation in.

Thank you Lord for a home I can relax in.

Thank you Lord for friends and family and the peace we share.

Thank you Lord that you are the same yesterday, today and forever and we don’t have to fear the ups and downs of our culture.

What are you looking forward to in the Merry Month of May?!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Hello May!

  1. Loved looking at your flowers and your list of thankfuls – especially about the part that He is the same yesterday today and forever and we don’t have to fear the ups and downs of our culture. Very timely.

  2. Love the pretty flowers! I was thinking of shades of green when I was driving this week and looking at the tree-covered hills. Loved your thank-yous at the end – I am thankful for those things as well.

  3. I love May and I’m looking forward to lots of gardening, my mother’s visit, birds tweeting every morning and every evening, grilling dinner, and James’s first birthday! Woo hoo! Your lilac is lovely! I brought a couple in today and you probably already know that if you slice the stem at the bottom, they live longer! Happy May!

  4. Your yard is beautiful! I have the same bushes in our yard and I get confused about the difference in rhododendrons and azeleas . . . I think I have those same rose bud azaleas you have and have never heard that name for them even though I’ve thought their buds look like rose buds.

  5. Your yard is gorgeous, Ellen!! I love the luscious greens you have. Our only rhododendron bush is just now budding!

    May is going to be a bit slower for me – so, I am looking forward to that.

    re: Anne of Green Gables — that is so neat Katie walked down the aisle with the music! And there are so many good quotes from the books.

    re: hair coloring — I think the color is starting to wear off already, but at least I didn’t end up with green hair. :o)

  6. Your spring blooms are looking so beautiful! I didn’t know that Washington’s state flower was the Rhodo… and now I’ve learned two things here today.

  7. Your yard is lovely with all it’s spring colors! My backyard actually looks like fall right now because our Towering Colorado Aspens break out in copper and dark colored leaves which eventually turn to spring green. They are an odd tree. LOL.

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