A Glorious Day…

…culminating a wonderful weekend. Easter is my favorite day to celebrate. We had an overload of good things and this post will be full of photos!

On Friday I prepared our traditional sweet cheese spread to enjoy on our Easter bread. With the heavy rock in place to force the excess liquid out of the cheese mold it rests in the refrigerator for our Sunday celebration.

On our way to our Good Friday service on Friday evening we spotted this group of people who were following men bearing a cross. It was such an unexpected thing to see and we were inspired by this act of identifying with Christ.

On Saturday a crew arrived at the house to help with the Kulich, Russian Easter Bread. Katie arrived a little later to help, too, mostly with the Shrink Wrapped Easter eggs.

The dough was ready to go in the cans rise for the final time.

Into the oven they go.

Time to set the table while the bread cools.

I bought crosses made out of nails for each person to take home with them.

On Sunday after a great church service I added the last touches to the table while the lamb shoulder was slow cooking in the oven.

I’ll share our appetizer recipe later in April on the MGCC blog.

Besides the shrink wrap eggs we tried the rice dyeing method, too.

Lamb shoulder with a caper fresh mint sauce, caramelized potatoes with onions and rosemary, cucumber tomato salad.

For dessert, Russian Easter Bread (Kulich/Paska) with Seernaya Paska (Sweet cheese spread) and strawberries.

Our mom would be proud of our efforts this year. She loves a smooth top and no airy holes when you slice it.

After our filling lunch and dessert we decided to take a walk.

After our walk we enjoyed sitting on the deck in the sunshine!

We truly had a full to overflowing good time!

Now what I haven’t shared yet is that on Saturday my computer crashed. Oh my…that’s scary! Thankfully there was a repair system that we were able to access and everything is now backed up and restored. It took several hours to accomplish this but everything is up and running again.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

18 thoughts on “A Glorious Day…

  1. I enjoyed looking at all the photo’s and drooled when I looked at the Easter spread
    so lovingly prepared then eaten, The table settings were wonderful too
    Thank you for sharing this most special part of the Christian calendar with us.
    Easter blessing to you all.
    ABCW team.

  2. Oh my goodness, that table is gorgeous! And the bread! And the eggs! And I love the crosses made of nails. I’m putting that in my memory bank for next year. So happy you had a wonderful Resurrection celebration.

  3. Oh MY!!!! Your Easter table is beautiful! It reminds me of an Easter long ago when we were visiting dear church friends, and we awoke to a table decorated so beautifully we talked about our sweet Easter breakfast for years afterward, and the sweetness of our friends. I love all the traditional baking and egg decorations you did. The bread looks wonderful! The shrink-wrapped eggs…I have to try that. We didn’t even have any eggs this year because the boys are 13 and the joy of their egg dyeing seems to be over, but we adults could have done some gorgeous eggs like you did! We had a lovely brunch after church, and I decorated a wee bit, but not much. And I made a cross-shaped lemon cake with blueberry lemon topping. I enjoyed your post sharing your time with your family very much!!!

  4. The Kulich turned out beautifully! Is it wrong to make some after Easter? What a nice Easter you enjoyed…the weather looks perfect.

    • Vee, It’s not wrong to make it after Easter. I know for a fact some of the “girls” make it before and after Easter!

  5. Ellen, your Easter was beautiful from start to finish. I really like the look of the kulich baked in those round pans. I think next year I’ll have to do that for our family gathering. Baking Paska in loaf pans is good enough for before…
    Your table setting is really beautiful too. I’d love to get some of those crosses for next year. Let me know if you spot them again. (I’d need 12 )
    I was telling Bea about those rice dyed eggs. We are going to try that next year too. They look so great!
    Nice to see your always smiling family too!

  6. My mouth is watering looking at all your great food. I showed my kids your Easyer table; they were amazed and so impressed!
    So happy to see your happy family enjoying the blessing of Easter.

  7. What a great time and reason to celebrate with family! I like the pictures of the making of the paska in the coffee tins and the final look! You table is beautiful, as are the happy faces!

  8. Oh Ellen – your Easter table and activities are just wonderful! The menu is perfect and your Easter Bread really does look amazing! Your Russian eggs are beautiful and I must look into the rice dyed method – so pretty. The nail crosses on our napkins are so meaningful. I love how you are keeping the family traditions and passing them on to your family – the older I get the more I appreciate family traditions.

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