2014-06-07 bathroom demoDear always enjoys a good project and I was happy to see him smiling throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. Our bathroom renovation is moving along with the first order of business being a new window. When we moved into this old house we decided to replace all the windows. All the rest of the windows in this house had been replaced maybe 10 or more years ago. The new bathroom window has been sitting in the garage for all those years waiting for it’s debut!

bathroom demo 008Hard to tell with the perspective of this photo but I’m leaning out the opening and taking a shot looking down to the ground. There’s a bit of a drop off in the slope of our yard going from the front to the back of our home. This main floor bathroom is at the back of the house 1 story up! We have a basement that is below a portion of our main floor.

june photo challenge 001The framing for the new window was completed on Saturday but we’d have to wait until Dear got some help other than mine to set the new window in on Sunday. Josh and Laura were able to stop by on Sunday just long enough for Josh to help Dear set the window in and level it before it was secured permanently.

2014-06-09 windowThe old and the new side by side. The old window had a side slide and the new bigger window moved over from the tub and moved a bit higher opens up and down.

Huge sigh of relief that this all got taken care of on the weekend and there was no rain to worry about. Next step is signing the contract with the company we are going with, having them come out to measure and then ordering all the new items for the bathroom. Dear is really looking forward to demolishing the tub surround. We’ll have to keep him from tearing out the toilet and sink since we have an event here on Thursday evening! Our company will get to enjoy our rustic bathroom!

Hope your weekend went well. I’ve got to run to the big box home and garden store to get some supplies for Dear today and get some branches cut up for the yard waste pick up. What’s on your agenda?

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12 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Progress indeed!! You accomplished a lot this weekend! You were smart to wait for extra help to install the window. Years ago, my husband asked me to help him with a second story window and I nearly had a meltdown! (Or maybe I DID have a meltdown…) 🙂

  2. He does good work! Hope that the window is a tilt-in that far from the ground! Interesting to see “the lay of the land.”

  3. Wow ! There’s no fooling around when your hubby gets going – you will have your new bathroom in no time flat!

  4. I’d like to be doing some demolition on my own bathrooms – but that’s going to wait. This week is kind of free, so far. A nice feeling. I hope to get out into the garden, and do a little writing.

  5. You are so blessed to have a handy husband who can do this sort of thing! And who loves it so much. Looking forward to seeing how your new bathroom develops.

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