Valentine Party…

Laurie is hosting a Valentine Party and I’m joining in. Thank you Laurie!

Valentines from the present and past will be represented here.

Hope you feel the love as you scroll through…

Shining 004

Shining 014

A little Valentine refreshment will be ready for you.

February 024

Pink or Red?2014-02-05 February

February 010While attending primary and elementary school my favorite day of the year was Valentine’s Day. I loved receiving each little card placed in a decorated bag on my chair. Did you exchange cards at your school?

These days I like to enjoy a nice meal at home and not fight with the crowds at restaurants. I have no flower or card expectations but if they show up I’m grateful. Some years I send cards and some years I don’t. What are your Valentine Day traditions?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Valentine Party…

  1. I love your valentine’s cards and love how you’ve displayed them. Beautiful vignettes. I also have to say I love your header!
    Happy Valentine’s Day

  2. Love seeing your holiday themed decorations, Ellen! And, yes, I liked those little Valentine’s cards but I remember not understanding the purpose at all! This was probably third grade and we’d lived in the States about a year.

  3. I do feel the love! Cute table settings- I do love red though! When I was in elementary we made custom decorated valentines boxes- (usually a shoe box was the source) We had a slot cut out in the top and the valentines were inserted there. I wish I had a picture of at least one of mine, but back then people didn’t take pictures of every little thing we did like we do now! That cocktail looks really good- I think I’ll have one for V.D.!

  4. Feeling the love Ellen!! You’ve displayed everything so beautifully. We don’t fuss over VDay here but it’s nice to have a special dinner at home. I have some of my dad’s and my MIL’s vintage Valentine Cards that I like to display this time of year.

  5. Such pretty tablescapes and appropriate scriptures! Yes, Valentine’s Day was a highlight in elementary school. We would decorate a paper sack and hang them from the eraser tray on the chalkboard. Then everyone would “deliver” their little cards. Such fun looking at each one! Hubby isn’t a romantic…so I try not to have any expectations either! ha! ha! I always tried to make it special for our kids and now I try to do something for the grands. Probably gonna shop for them today! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Such pretty Valentine touches at your place. I usually make a special dinner – like you, if flowers and cards come, that’s nice, if not, that’s okay, too. I like to make heart-shaped sugar cookies and give a few to the children (and grandchildren). Iced with pink icing and sprinkles.

  7. Yup! Feeling the love!

    I’m with you…no going out on Valentine’s Day. The wait is long despite having made reservations, the service is less than stellar because it’s overcrowded, the food leaves something to be desired because the kitchen is churning out twice the normal volume, and the servers REALLY don’t want you lingering after your meal…not even to enjoy a bottle of champagne. At home there is no wait beyond what it takes for me to get the food to the table, the food is always to taste, I’m only cooking for 2 which is standard around here, and we can linger as long as we want over however many bottles of champagne we want!!! 🙂

  8. Ellen, I loved V’tine Day at school too. We decorated boxes to hold all of the cards. I remember how sorry I was when I found out that we were too old to exchange V’tine cards at school. Some of the cards in your post look like some I might have received at school. Your décor looks so pretty. Both tables are beautiful, but I love those red salad plates and the red compotes. Your Valentine banner is so cheerful. Thank you so much for joining the party. laurie

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