Welcome Here!

Everywhere we went in Canada I was struck with this greeting “Welcome Here”. It’s not a greeting used across the board in the U.S.A. but I’d love to start using it at my house. This post is about the places were were “welcomed here” apart from our book signing locations. I’ve already shared about Charlotte’s home and our wonderful lunch there.


We were also treated to a wonderful meal at the home of Betty’s sister, Norma. What fun we had as Norma’s dear husband served us the meal she planned and prepared. (The Photo above is from our Women Refreshed at the Well Lodgings)


Jack and Norma


A lovely table set for all of us with appetizers before our main meal began.




Not only did Jack serve us but he also washed up all the dishes while we had dessert in the Sun Porch. A great example of a servant that we are all called to be…


All Eight of us tried to trick Norma into giving us the recipe for this delicious pasta dish she made but she held her ground and kept her secret…so far. Time will tell if we can replicate it!


We were going to take these great little pudding/yogurt pies home with us to have at our retreat center but it turned out that we had time enough to eat them in the Sun Porch. Delicious! Aren’t they packaged nicely? That little pouch on the side is granola.


We were so glad to be able to spend time with Betty’s sister and Jack. Thank you so much for welcoming us here! Aren’t these sisters beautiful!?

Dear called from France today and it was so good to hear his relaxed voice. Things are a little quiet at his conference since so many travelers were delayed because of air traffic strikes in France. He’s eaten some Octopus and a Risotto dish that he sent me photos of. He sees me take so many photos of food that it has rubbed off on him. Here’s a photo that he took just outside the conference center.


Marseille, France

Tuesday night I was able to do something that qualifies for my bucket list and I’ll be sharing the experience really soon with lots of photos.

I’m watching and praying for many of our blogging friends in areas of extreme weather and in areas where wildfires are raging. May lives be spared and damage minimal. Blessings and remember you are “Welcome Here” anytime…

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Welcome Here!

  1. Are those the exact words and are they spoken? Welcome here? Interesting. I love the specific little thing that make each locale unique. Glad that you have heard from your Dear.

  2. I loved this post Ellen – we truly were made welcome where ever we went. those prairie people are amazing hosts.

  3. A lovely way to welcome!

    I remember eating octopus in France, too. It was grilled and put in a salad and was absolutely delectable. I’m glad your husband has gotten into the spirit of food photography 😉

  4. Ellen – what wonderful hosts you had in Manitoba! The food looks just amazing and I enjoyed reading your musings about your time there.
    Just want to say that you are “welcome here” in Ontario too – anytime!!!

  5. I love hearing “welcome here” when I go to my relatives’ house. I think I say it, too, but I’ll have to pay attention.
    Your trip sounds like so much fun, and such a blessing to you and to others.
    Love the photo of Marseilles, but then I’m a Francophile through and through.

  6. I guess ‘welcome here’ is something we all say…since I have never thought of it as unique. I would have thought everyone everywhere uses that greeting. Now I know…it is clearly Canadian!

    What a great re-cap, Ellen…especially of our time with Norma and Jack…since I never documented that one well. Such a good time we had…and we truly felt welcome there!

  7. Good morning Ellen B!
    It looks like you were all very spoiled on your trip…that’s a good thing “-). It also looks like your Dear has a gorgeous view. I think if I were him, I’d skip the conference and sit by the sea/river. The pic looks like classic shot that’s used in many movies…The Count of Monte Cristo and others.
    I hope you have a lovely day!
    xoxo cori g.

  8. Very nice…that Hubby is a keeper!! I do say “welcome” when guests come to our home…I’ll have to start adding the “here”!!

  9. “Welcome Here” sounds very inviting! Your travels are delightful and I can imagine all the fun you girls are having! There must be a lot of talking and laughing midst the near missed flights!

  10. Lovely post! Thanks for your prayers – so far we are still waiting to see how the wind/rain will impact us. It looks like the storm is arriving a little late…

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