Downtown Seattle

On Wednesday afternoon we met Terry and Lovella at Boka in downtown Seattle for Happy Hour.

The food was all delicious but the company was better.

If you find yourself in downtown Seattle to shop let us know and we’ll meet you for Happy Hour.

Today Dear and I are headed north across the line to meet up with 6 of the MGCC girls and their husbands for dinner at Bev and Harv’s. Looking forward to this get-together. We’ll head north after Dear gets home from work. We will spend Saturday to recoup! What are your plans this weekend before U.S. Thanksgiving?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “Downtown Seattle

  1. That looks like such fun. Happy Hour in Seattle… day we might just take you up on that offer Ellen! We are currently enjoying the city of Boston and had happy hour at Cheers last night. Are making some new friends who are attending the conference. I love Lovella’s hat!

  2. Happy hour in Seattle sounds wonderful….how grand that would be. We’ve been repainting 30 windows in our house…OY….so all the blinds are down and furniture pushed to the center of each bedroom. DOUBLE OY! So putting those three guest bedrooms back together and cleaning 4 bathrooms is on my to do list along with getting food started. Our oldest daughter will celebrate her birthday on Thanksgiving this year, so the baking will be a little different. And with our youngest flying home there are things I will try and make that she enjoys and doesn’t make for herself. I decided to bake up the pre-measured dry goods for all my baking projects to see if that saved me some time each day. So having bags of the dry biscuit ingredients all ready for the buttermilk and lard will be nice in the mornings when I’m not quite awake. I finally have lists made of what needs to be done on each day but I’m finding little motivation right now to go DO ANYTHING. Happy weekend!

  3. What fun! It seems we are always just passing through Seattle…with no time to stop. But we’ll give you a call next time we are stopping by…for sure. You know all the good places…I have learned from experience:)

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