Little Did We Know…

…our little brunch spot was right in the thick of the annual Fremont Solstice Parade/Celebration. Josh and Laura picked a great spot for the 4 of us to enjoy a Father’s Day brunch together and then on Saturday morning we saw on the news that the Solstice celebration was happening. This made getting there and especially parking a bit difficult but Josh dropped us off and went to find a parking spot by himself and jogged back to the restaurant.

No photo description available.

As we ate people were flooding the street outside to get a glimpse of the parade.

No photo description available.

The food was all very good and we enjoyed a nice leisurely time together. There was a special drink on the menu for this weekend.

It was listed on the bottom of the drink menu. The Naked Bike Ride was added because one of the odd things that happens at this Solstice parade is that people actually ride naked on their bicycles on the parade route. OYE! I have never had the desire to see naked people and especially naked people on bicycles. Very weird and I’ll spare you the photos since I deleted them anyway. The drink made you wince, too, which was appropriate.

The parade participants and the crowd were very colorful.

The Fremont area of Seattle is quite eclectic or quirky and well for a lot of us, down right weird. There are great places to eat here and it always gives you the best people watching opportunities…

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22 thoughts on “Little Did We Know…

  1. From your coast to this one, I’d say that things are pretty unusual in your corner. Ha! I’m laughing myself silly at the difference between your mosaic and mine. You live in a much more hip location and I meant no pun!

  2. Great looking food. CRAZY fun parade, although I’m stunned that the naked thing is even legal. Crazy world. Hope you have a grand week.

  3. Oh Ellen B, I laughed so hard when I read your post. How funny and horrifying all at the same time. I’ve been noticing a lot of cities have been celebrating Solstice…vedy intewesting. Our world sure is becoming stranger and stranger. So glad you deleted those foto’s…eeewwww!
    xoxo cori g.

  4. This is a very interesting and colourful parade for sure. I’ve heard of those naked bikeriders but not here in this part of Canada. Crazy ideas! Great mosaics. Pamela

  5. Weird is right! Wow…I love how you find the best spots. The food looks quite delicious. Thanks for taking us along. The trees in the street are just beautiful.

  6. Yummy looking food. But wow, what fantastic costumes – really different! Sounds like a very weird place, full of unique things not to be seen anywhere else.

  7. Those parade photos are so fun, looks like you had a great day. Good choice on deleting your naked bikers….I just can’t imagine it?

  8. I’d say the attractions inside is more appealing than those outside. I’d dig in to those savoury looking eggs and have some tea, thank you.

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