There is a Russian saying stating: “Only problem drinkers don’t toast before drinking“.

For Katie and Andrew’s wedding we decided to toast with Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider since the Bride and Groom are not fond of Champagne.

My father carrying the toast glasses for himself and my mom.

The famous Russian phrase “Na zda-ró-vye!” (Russian: Hа здоровье!) is actually not a drinking toast at all. It is used as a reply to “Thank you!” when someone thanks for a meal or a drink. We also use this phrase after someone sneezes.

But the Russians do drink “To your health!“.
‘Health’ means ‘здоровье’ [zda-ró-vye] and ‘to’ means ‘за’ [za].

 Andrew thanked everyone for joining in their day. His Best man gave a wonderful toast for Katie and Andrew in his great southern drawl. Katie’s Maid of honor also gave a beautiful toast with some great memories of their friendship and her observations of Katie and Andrew’s relationship. We were very pleased.

Andrew’s father also gave a great toast. Andrew and Katie had special flutes that matched the pattern of bling on her dress.

Here are some more Russian toasts:

  1. To the newly-weds!
    За новобрачных! – [za na-va-brá-tchnyh]
  2. To the bride and groom!
    За жениха и невесту! –
    [za zhe-nee-há ee nee-vyé-stoo]
  3. To the beautiful bride!
    За красавицу невесту! –
    [za kra-sá-vee-tsoo nee-vyé-stoo]
  4. Let’s drink to love! Gorka!
    Выпьем за любовь! Горько! –
    [vý-pyim za lyoo-bóf. Gór-ka]
    The word “Горько!” is very typical for Russian weddings. It literally means “bitter”. In Russia the newly-weds have to kiss if someone calls “Горько!”
  5. Dear newly-weds, live your whole life as if you’ve just got married!
  6. May the happy star that brought you together shine on you for many, many years. Let us raise our glasses to the newly-weds and their happy future!
  7. There is a wisdom saying that the wife is the heart and the husband is the head of a good marriage. May you never suffer a heart attack or have a headache!
  8. Dear bride and groom, today you celebrate your first wedding. May it be your last one!
About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “Toasts!

  1. Thank you for all these wonderful wedding posts and photos. I have enjoyed having a back-stage pass, so to speak! What a beautiful day.

  2. Oh.. I love traditions.. thank you for sharing the Russian ones … and I love the “may you never have a heart attack or a head ache” !! what a wonderful phrase to remember to protect your marriage relationship !

  3. These wedding posts have just been wonderful!! I love the toast #5 about living your whole life as though you just got married! I may have to borrow that one. Thanks so much for the insights into this beautiful day!

  4. What cool toasts! Funny sometimes, too. Thank you for giving us some hope of saying them in Russian as well, though I’ll be jiggered if I know how to say a “ts” combination. (Aside: Your parents are so cute!)

  5. I just got caught up on all the wedding posts…what a beautiful wedding, full of beauty, love and heart! Here’s one more toast…to the blessing of legacy…may many more generations be blessed and encouraged by the vows that were made.

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