I Feel Like Dancing…

Long before the dance floor was cleared and the music was playing the little ones were dancing.

And when the dance floor opened they were grooving with some great moves…

Hope you are experiencing some Spring where you are. We are getting some sunshine and I’m thinking I need to mow the lawn for the first time since November.

8 thoughts on “I Feel Like Dancing…

  1. The children are so cute and having such a great time. I still remember my aunt’s wedding when I was about their age so I think they’ll have some great memories of this day right along with everyone else.

  2. those montages are too funny and cute! The first one….looks like Avery is doing ballet, and Jack and Hope are having a ball….gone are the days that Jack runs away from her!?! The girls must have been worn out by the end of the day!!

    Love the last picture of Andrew & Katie 🙂

  3. Oh to be as free spirited as those little guys, to be able to dance whenever you just wanted to, music or not. Hmmm, there’s probably a lesson in there somewhere for me!

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