A Treat For You…

Head over to MGCC Blog to get the recipe for these date balls. They can be made gluten free if you use the new Gluten Free Rice Krispies. Enjoy!

We are busy doing the last minute fresh food shopping for our all day event before the Wedding. Andrew is flying in tonight and Katie is more excited about seeing him than she is for the wedding on Sunday! Life is rich!

2 more days!

10 thoughts on “A Treat For You…

  1. Hi Ellen, I stumbled on your blog last weekend when I was looking for Len & Kathy online – trying to reconnect. (I am the Helen who lived with them when I studied at Biola). I loved your blog about Sophie’s memorial service and decided to keep reading. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with the wedding. If Len & Kathy come up, would you kindly let them know I’m trying to reconnect. Planning a visit to southern California this summer. I live in Calgary now. Thanks, Helen
    P.S. I still make your creamed corn recipe. It’s my son’s favorite!

  2. The excitement in Katie’s heart is so sweet! Life is rich and I rejoice with you in this wonderful weekend. Praying for you all. Hugs!

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