FFF~ Evergreen State Fair

It’s time to link up at Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story with your favorites from this past week. It’s finally summer in the Northwest so we decided to go to the Fair!

This week my favorites are all from the Evergreen State Fair that my daughter Katie and I attended on Thursday.

#1 ~ Evergreen is a small fair close enough to our home with free admission on the first day of the fair until 1 P.M. You spend enough on food at the fair to make free admission a favorite for sure…

#2 ~ Yummy Fair Scones. The trailer was right at the entrance to the Fair and we were ready for a little breakfast treat at 10:00 when we arrived.

After we pigged out on some Fair Scones we decided to go to the Swine pavilion and check out the pigs.

#3 Fair animals were in abundance. We enjoyed the swine, the sheep, the goats, the bunnies, the cattle, and the horses, especially the Clydesdales.

4. All the crazy fair food choices, especially the deep fried choices. We tried to get deep fried cookie dough but they didn’t have it available. I had piroshky for lunch and Katie had a Gyro.

5. Lastly we had a little fun checking out all the fair goods like the amazing frosty shaker, the amazing cookware, the amazing knives, and all the rest of the amazing products available just for me. I did make one purchase at the amazing flag booth. I got a nativity flag to hoist on my flag pole at Christmas!

On our way home I commented that a small fair is probably the best kind of fair for me. Have you gone to a Fair this summer?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

19 thoughts on “FFF~ Evergreen State Fair

  1. The deep fried booths are a new thing since I last went to a fair. I just saw that you can now buy Deep Fried Butter…yup, they cut the stick length wise and batter it up and fry it…..WOWZA, crazy. I grew up in the town where the Kansas State Fair is held. It was HUGE. Although I don’t like rides I had a couple I would go enjoy once each year. It was a tradition to go ride the double ferris wheel and some spinning thing that pressed you into the wall as the floor dropped out. I seriously can not believe I did either….I have inner ear issues that make me a dizzy ditz but that double ferris wheel was GLORIOUS. It took us SO HIGH has the two smaller wheels spun while the whole contraption spun around. CRAZY…but I remember my dad going on that with me every year. We always walked around to see all the animals. I think my mom put her foot down SOUNDLY about us bringing home a bunny. LOL…fun times. And of course we too walked through the AMAZING building filled with things that would surely make our lives better. And actually I have heard of many friends buying things from fairs that did turn out to glorious. Fun times. Wow, you have sent my mind back in time. Hope you have a GRAND weekend!

  2. The fairs up here will start soon, but they are generally pretty small. We go to the Saanich fair every year – the biggest – on Labour Day. I’d love to have visited the flag booth!

  3. Ellen, I am in love with little spotted pig!!! Pigs are big at our house at the moment. Miss Baby loves the Pigling Bland story by Beatrix Potter!

    A nativity flag – how cool!

  4. I had fairs in my mind this week. Heading to the Swine Pavilion after pigging out sounds amusing :). I enjoyed looking at the sheep. And what a pretty pink nose that cow has!

  5. We call our fair “The Exhibition” held during “Old Home Week”. It used to be the highlight of our year – next to Christmas! My mom and dad would take us through the animal exhibits and the Women’s Institute building (quilts, jams, baking etc) – but it was pure torture for me when I was little. But I had to be good so that I could enjoy the real fun after – the rides, cotton candy and candied apples!

  6. This looks like so much fun. Little Abel is sooo cute. We missed our county fair this year. The state fair is coming up, but it’s a few hours’ drive.

  7. How great that you got in without paying and that you went with your daughter. I haven’t been to a fair in decades. A main reason being the entrance fee on top of the high expense of the food, rides, etc. Plus it is always so HOT when our fair happens.

    I would have enjoyed seeing the animals and the handmade items.

    Chocolate covered bacon? Yuck. The zucchini weenie sounds good though.

  8. No fair for us this summer. South Florida doesn’t really do fairs well. I would have loved to tag along on this trip, though! Hope you have a great week ahead.

  9. I love the small fairs, too. Have you been to the King County Fair? I was a member of the Pioneer Village at that one a couple of times.
    Fair food? Wow! It always amazes me–this time Ventuar Co Fair had fried koolaid! Weird.

    • I think the King Co. Fair is the Puyallup Fair and I might have been once years ago. It’s a tad on the large side for me…
      Fried koolaid!?

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