My Father Knows ~ Hymn

My Father Knows

I know my heavenly Father knows
The storms that would my way oppose;
But He can drive the clouds away,
And turn the darkness into day.

I know my heavenly Father knows
The balm I need to soothe my woes;
And with His touch of love divine
He heals this wounded heart of mine.

I know my heavenly Father knows
How frail I am to meet my foes;
But He my cause will ever defend,
Uphold and keep me to the end.

I know my heavenly Father knows
The hour my journey here will close;
And may that hour, O faithful Guide,
Find me safe sheltered by Thy side.

Words: Sarepta M.I. Henry, 1897.

My heavenly Father is good and has been good to me and I’m grateful that I can depend on Him. My earthly father has been faithful and true to his family, too. I thank God for him. My pop turned 88 in May. Happy Father’s Day Pop!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “My Father Knows ~ Hymn

  1. You always bless me with your fabulous old hymns – some of which I have never seen or heard. Thanks! Blessings on you and your parents!

  2. I love your parents.

    For some reason, I keep being unable to access your Molokan posts. Are you taking them down after posting, or is there a greater restriction on those posts? I really want to read those, because the Molokan church fascinates me.

    • Hi Rachel,
      My Molokan posts have been up since 2007. I haven’t taken them down and you should be able to put Molokan in the search box above to access them.
      Do you know my parents?

  3. Oh thanks! I don’t know why the Molokan posts are just showing up at the top of my feed right now. Yes, I know your parents! I’m one of Melissa’s best friends in Southern California. I actually found your blog through a post that was on her facebook wall. I really enjoy reading you! I know your daughter Katie, too, because of your visits down here, and I don’t only know your parents through Miss, but they started going to my parents’ church a few years back! When I was young I used to love going with Miss to the Russian church; she hated it, but I loved the cultural experience, since I’m pretty white-bread. =)

    • Hi Rachel,
      Nice to meet you! :0)
      I’m glad you let me know who you are. Melissa is a wonderful niece. Katie is visiting her and Debbee right now for a week.
      That’s great that you know my parents, too.

  4. We all have tendencies to evil thoughts and actions; but my prayer reflects the words of Jesus,
    “The prince of this world comes but hath nothing in me.”
    Cleans my heart O God and keep me true and faithful.

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