Waiting to See…

…if we’ll get more of this on Wednesday.

Maybe I’ll have some real snow photos to show tomorrow! Our weather people sure are excited while predicting inches of the white stuff. Stay tuned…time will tell.

8 thoughts on “Waiting to See…

  1. I went for a walk in my yard with my camera this morning too….we had a nice dusting of snow and although it comes and goes so fast it is pretty.

  2. It’s still snowing up here – started last night. I don’t think I’ll be able to get to work, but will have to wait until I walk down to the road to see if it’s passable. I can’t say that I’m reveling in the white stuff!

  3. Goofy fun: Being happy for snow, each and every time it appears. If I was a dog I would wag my tail each time a flake falls from the sky.

  4. Laughed at your excitement of snow! Here we are getting tired of the high snowbanks although I do love to watching the snowflakes gently swirl to the ground.

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