Metamorphosis Monday ~ Kitchen in Washington

This is what my kitchen in Washington used to look like. I don’t have a lot of before shots because I wasn’t blogging back then and I also don’t have any of my photos that are this old on cd’s and with me in California. Wah, wah , wah…


Please notice the Oak cabinets and the rectangle patched space on the ceiling that used to be a fluorescent light fixture. We had a total of 4 of these fixtures in this kitchen/eating space and we would always kid around and say that we could do surgery on the kitchen island or dining table because it was so bright. Well this was the beginning of changing out all the fluorescent lights and putting in can lights and pendant lights over the island. There is blue wallpaper behind the stove top and above the sink and under the kitchen cabinets. All the appliances and are white or off white.


These photos were taken at one of my daughter’s birthday parties. This end of the kitchen used to have a sliding glass door to the outside porch. Boy did I hate these vertical blinds. Amazing how these kids have all grown up. 2 are married and 2 are engaged to be married and one of the married girls is pregnant with her first. And I suppose that is a kind of metamorphosis, but back to my kitchen. I fussed to my Dear one about those cabinets and walls and sliding glass door and vertical blinds and here’s what he did all by himself with help from our boys.

Here’s the view from the kitchen through the spot where the sliding glass door used to be and the porch used to be. The porch is now our family room and the sliding glass door opening was moved over to the left somewhat. I really love this space and am so happy the slider and vertical blinds are gone forever.


Here’s a view of the kitchen from the family room. No more fluorescent. No more Oak finish cabinets. No more blue wall paper. Dear painted the walls and cabinets 3 shades of green all from the same family (base color). He put fixtures on all the cabinets. He installed tile on the walls below the upper cabinets around the sink and above the stove top. He added decorative fruit tile above the stove top also. We traded out all the white appliances for stainless or black. He put in a new kitchen window with white molding. And trimmed out the door openings with decorative trim moldings.


I ended up finding all these random shots of different parts of my kitchen since the redo. Here’s a closer look at the decorative tile.

This is the opposite wall from the majority of the cabinets.

A closer look at the two shades of green on the cabinets and the hardware.

The Kitchen island where we generally set out our food buffet style. Our next projects in this kitchen will be to replace the counter tops and the flooring. Since we are living in the condo in California right now these projects are “on hold”.

For more Metamorphosis Monday visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.

Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage unless I pay them a lot of money. I’m slowly cleaning up many posts from this time period and deleting their ugly grey and black boxes with a ransom request. Such a time consuming bother.

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39 thoughts on “Metamorphosis Monday ~ Kitchen in Washington

  1. Wow, that was a huge job. Your husband did this beautifully. I really like the color palate you chose, very soft and inviting. What a great transformation.

  2. Ellen…love your kitchen renovation! I love painted cabinets and yours turned out great! I was so happy to get rid of my flourescent light, too! LOL Your canned lighting looks great and the pendent lights and hanging light are beautiful! This is an awesome Before and After! So great seeing your sweet family, too! 🙂 Thanks for a great Met Monday! Susan

  3. Hi Ellen! Oh, what a wonderful kitchen. Your hubby did an outstanding job! I love the different colors of green on your cabinets! Hey, maybe I could hire your hubby to help in our kitchen! lol I’m a good cook!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  4. What a difference some paint makes! Great transormation!!
    Personally I love kitchen remodels & renovations… thanks for sharing yours!
    Victoria (one half of DesignTies)

  5. Wow! That’s amazing! What a great job! It doesn’t even look like the same space! I love the changes you made! Beautiful kitchen. And I loved the photo of the table set all shabby chic! Have a great week…Debbie

  6. Whoa! Your kitchen is gorgeous, what a metamorphosis indeed. I am especially envious of the cabinets; they turned out great. We have stained oak, and I haven’t summoned up the nerve to paint them yet. Seeing your gives me hope that it can be done! Thank you for sharing! Cass

  7. I lke it!

    I want to redo my kitchen but my hubby just insists that wood should not be painted. wah wha wah wahwah.

    I refuse to have verticle blinds. I’ve made curtains to go over every sliding door we’ve had. right now we don’t have a slider.

  8. What a huge difference small changes can make. It’s looking good and I really like how “bright” it looks. We’ve been working on a kitchen face lift for about a year now, and it’s moving very slowly, but like you, we’re having to wait on putting new countertops and flooring. sigh*
    Thanks for sharing. Have a fab day!

  9. Gorgeous re-do. I love love love those fruit tiles behind the stove, the cabinets are grand and the colors and decor are the best. Thanks for sharing, Cindy

  10. WOW! What an awesome change…the beautiful butterfly has emerged.
    Enjoy your cheery new, heart of the home.
    Happy MM, Candy

  11. Wow! The new look is fabulous! You must be thrilled each time you enter your kitchen. Love the set table too…had to take note of your pretty dishes and glassware.

  12. Wow!! What a big and beautiful kitchen!! I like that you did something different with the two-tone green cabinets and dark hardware. And the colourful accent tiles on the backsplash are a nice touch 🙂


  13. Ellen, this is incredible. I know all the sweat and tears paid off. I love the color of paint and the stainless steel appliances. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a great Monday.

  14. Your husband and boys did a great job. I am not a carpenter person at all so am always amazed at people who take on these jobs and do them so well. It would probably take me twice as long and twice the money with all the mistakes I would make. I love the colors and the lighting really accents everything very well. I can imagine you have great family gatherings and conversations in that kitchen. Very inviting. -Steve

  15. Look at all that counter space! Now if I had a kitchen like that Hubby would no longer receive his meals from a 2 x 2 foot window. I’ll bet you have tons of fun preparing meals for your family there.
    Ellen B., I’ll say it again…you are truly blessed!

    I hope your still enjoying the rain?!

    🙂 Cori G.

  16. Ellen,
    WOW!!! THIS TRANSFORMATION BLEW ME AWAY! This turned out incredible! Your kitchen is very lovely and I love the look from the where the sliding doors use to be! Very talented family!
    The color is so refreshing! 😉

  17. Ahh the birthday party picture brings back memories 🙂 That had to have been in High School! Wow!

    I forgot what your kitchen used to look like, but I’ve always been a fan of the shades of green and the orange color in your family room!

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