Ruby Tuesday ~ Finale for 2008

The Last Ruby Tuesday for 2008!

I took this in Solvang, California in the Fall of 2007.

For more Ruby Tuesday visit our hostess Mary at Work of the Poet!

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007 to 2015 hostage and has replaced them all with ugly black and grey boxes asking for a ransom to have them re-published. Such a frustrating bother as I go through each post to delete the ugly boxes.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

26 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday ~ Finale for 2008

  1. Amazing pic!
    Majestic and intriguing, I want to go inside a have a look.
    Most likely my purse is too shallow for shopping this time of year.

    I am also curious about the name Solvang. It’s an entirely Norwegian name, not even Scandinavian.
    Sol = sun – vang = hillside/ view site.

    Would that be the name of the owners of the antique shop?

    From Felisol

  2. Dear ellen b,
    I looked up Solvang, a wonderful Danish city in county Santa Barbara.
    The houses and the windmill, all like you still can find them in Denmark.
    The name, however, Solvang ,I cannot even find at Google other places than in Norway.
    I’d like to visit both Santa Barbara and the sweet Danish town there.
    From felisol

  3. Nice door posts Ellen B.
    I hope you’re feeling more relaxed since all the parties are over. Oops! Are they? We still have New Years to celebrate.

    Hopefully your getting some rest near a big window.

    🙂 Cori G.

  4. The red is perfect for Tuesdays, of course. But what attracts me is the ornate and exquisite carved wood lions that are protecting the entrance. I’d be enticed to enter this shop because of the well detailed entrance. Happy New Year!

  5. Wow….what an impressive door/entry to an antique shoppe!!!

    I wanted to stop by and send along my wishes for you and the new year. Hope that 2009 brings great stuff for you. In all ways.

  6. Solvang!!! We stopped there during our honeymoon in 1979. I don’t remember if we have been there since. I don’t think so though. We gotta try to go there again. I am sure it has changed since 1979.

  7. Hi there, Ellen! So glad to catch up with you at last and see you’re enjoying a wonderful holiday! We’re just back from our Christmas trip and getting over the jet lag and settling in…ringing in 2009 will be quiet here-LOL! Wishing you & yours love & joy in the New Year! ((HUGS))

  8. Beautiful entrance way to the antiques shop. So inviting. My husband thought those were carved wood lions? I immediately thought carved gargoyles.

    Ah, well, I guess he’s right!

    Happy Ruby Tuesday

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