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44 thoughts on “WW ~ Japanese Garden in Seattle

  1. Good morning Ellen,

    Another winner for the picture you have posted today! I love how all the colors come together to make such a beautiful scene. Do you happen to know what those white flowers are at the top left corner?

  2. Gorgeous garden!! Shade gardens are so peaceful to be in! The layers of green, shapes of the leaves and touches of flowers blooming make it all the more beautiful! No weeds!

  3. Just beautiful! We have a Japenese garden here too, but it’s basically just green. No colors in order to be as tranquill as possible. They do Japenese tea services there all throughtout the summer.

  4. Once again Ellen….stunning!!! I can almost hear the beautiful ‘silence’ of such a wonderful setting.

    Hope you can stop by my blog now!! Have a great Wordless kinda day.

  5. This Japanese garden is so lovely. I may just have to drive the million miles (or 600 whichever it is) to visit. Just waiting for gas prices to go down.

  6. A winner, who would not wish to be on this place.Do you know what flower the one looking like fushia?
    You always do have great photos & enjoy looking at it.

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