Photo Hunters ~ Messy

My daughters very messy room… (The Before shot)


The After shot…what a nice mom to accomplish this…


For more photo hunters head over to Tnchick.

Happy New Year Photo Hunters!!

Photobucket has blacked out all my photos and is holding them hostage. I’m slowly cleaning up my posts to remove the ugly black and grey blocks that photobucket has inserted instead of my photos.

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54 thoughts on “Photo Hunters ~ Messy

  1. Wow, that’s great!
    I love the globe hanging from the ceiling. I can’t quite tell; is that a world globe, or just a round light?
    And I love the nice neat row of teddy bears above the window.
    This reminds me of MANY years ago when I was a child. I’d come home from school and would be shocked to find that my room was CLEAN! After the shock had worn off, I’d be frustrated because then I couldn’t find anything!
    Even though it had been a mess, I knew where everything was. After mom cleaned it, I had no idea where she’d put things. So I’d ask her, “Where’s my (whatever)?”
    And she’d say the typical mom-response: “Well, where did you leave it last?”
    And I wanted to shout, “I left it right THERE in my room before you cleaned it!” 🙂
    My photo hunts include road construction, a bad restaurant, and a driveway full of snow.

  2. Holy smokes!!! lol That’s VERY MESSY alright! And congrats to you,Mom for making it so CLEAN! Now, they can make it messy again! haha:)
    My Photo Hunt is up as well! Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!

  3. LOL I have twin tweens, so that first photo is pretty familiar to me. The kids, for some reason, can’t understand WHY they should clean their room. They feel that their room is their own and they should be able to keep it any way they want. I remind them that their room is also MY room as long as I’m the only one paying rent 😉 that usually gets them to clean up… albeit reluctantly and not quite as well as mom cleans 😉

  4. The before shot looks a lot like my room does now 🙂 I had my room all clean before the holidays, and now I have piles of presents/shopping bags/clothes on my floor that need to be put away…when I’m feeling better.

    See you later today!

  5. lol.. my mom would never finished her litany of how a girls room should be if that is my room 😀

    that’s really a real proof of messy 😀

    have a great holiday 😀

  6. I remember having a messy room like that years and years ago…my poor mother for having to deal with it. Now the roles are reversed, my house is much tidier than hers. LOL! 🙂

  7. Hi. I am just starting a new business about organizing rooms, but I do not have any before and after shots for my website. I was wondering if I could please borrow these 2 shots in the meantime while I build up a customer base and get my own shots. Please note that these pictures will not be used without your permission. So please please please.

    Hi MeowMeow, So sorry, this is my daughter’s room and she feels weird about it being posted on a webpage out there. I hope you can find a messy room to clean and give someone a discount to be able to post the before and after photos. Hey, Thanks for asking…

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