Show and Tell Friday ~ Lavender Bathroom

Today I’m showing you my little dark lavender and green master bathroom in Washington. We have a Gambrel roof so the ceiling is slanted and cuts into our wall space. This gives us limited room for cabinets, etc.

This is a view to show you the slanted ceilings

We added this little cabinet above the toilet to give us some storage space.

I decided to use lavender accessories in the cabinet and most of these items are gifts I have received.

This Abalone shell and other shells are from a collection Dear’s parents had.  The whole Master Bedroom Suite has a nice cozy retreat feel because of the slanted ceilings. They are the only rooms on the top level of our home in Washington so it’s a very private retreat. Thank you for visiting my site today. May God bless you with His peace and joy. Have a wonderful weekend. Oh and thank you for your comments. I do read every one and appreciate your kind words and the time it takes to post them…

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About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

29 thoughts on “Show and Tell Friday ~ Lavender Bathroom

  1. that is so lovely. I love that decorated it nicely. I also live in Washington. 45 minutes North of Seattle. Have a great week. Nice spot.


    Mica, For some weird reason when I come to your sight I’m never able to comment. I try clicking on comments but nothing happens. Weird. This has happened every week. I really liked your Latvian dolls.

  2. First of all…purple!! I love it. I love the architectural design too. My grandparent’s home had the same style roof/bedroom upstairs…they give you a good feeling of comfort and coziness, don’t they?

    The color is great, I love the white accent too.

    A good show n tell this week

  3. wow–the lavender is just such a peaceful color! I love the green towels with it–the color combination is so inviting. The shells are gorgious. I know all about tiny bathrooms and about slants (in other rooms). We have three and they are all only big enough to spin around in!! The cabinet is so pretty against the wall! Nice idea.

  4. It is so charming! You’ll have to show us the bedroom, too, some time. I agree the slanted roof makes for a cozy feel, though I know it makes arranging things challenging. The little cabinet is just right. And I <i<love the lavender! I have always wanted one room with lavender in it as a main color.

  5. Oh Ellen, your bathroom is gorgeous! The colors are so lovely and relaxing and your choice of extra-special touches makes it so chic. Absolutely adore it!

  6. I just love those colors together. My den is that shade of green and my dining room is lavender. I just never thought about putting them together. My master bedroom is in the “attic” like part of my home and we have the slanted ceilings too. I have always wanted to put a bathroom up there and seeing yours make me realize how nice it would be.
    Yours is beautiful.

  7. I have a lavender bathroom too! I just love your bathroom, lavender is such a soothing color. You have all your “pretties” displayed wonderfully. The white cabinet is perfect!

  8. What a beautiful, beautiful bathroom. Of course I especially love it because of the lavender walls — and because it’s in Washington too! Nice decor; great job!

    🙂 LaTeaDah

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