The Redwall Cookbook ~ Brian Jacques

If your young readers haven’t been introduced to the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques I recommend these books. I’m an adult who loves reading them. Good animals, evil animals, Redwall Abbey, feasts, adventures, what’s not to enjoy. I received The Redwall Cookbook for Christmas and wanted to share a Spring poem from the book. I’ll probably share a recipe from the book in the future. I thought of Rebecca’s backyard when I read this poem, since just this week all the snow melted away.


Here’s a secret you don’t know,
’twas a day or two ago
when rain washed winter’s snow away.
I heard two mousewives say,
I think the spring will soon be here,
oh my word, oh joy, oh dear!
The ice upon the pond is gone,
and see that bird, the chirpy one?
I tell you, ’tis no jest,
she’s built herself a nest.
Oh well, I never, gracious me!
Pray, what else do you see?
Why, bluebells, crocus, daffodils,
sprouting up ‘twixt vale and hills,
and grass upon the lea I’ve seen,
like gentle mist of green.
‘Tis not like me to gossip, dear,
but this is what I hear ~
Out in the woods, I tell you true,
I’ve heard the first cuckoo!
Cuckoo he cried, now spring is born,
look forward to each shining morn.
So hurry, ladies ~ haste indoors,
for your spring cleaning chores!

Enjoy the rest of Spring. Praise God for the bluebells, crocus, daffodils, and the cuckoos!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

2 thoughts on “The Redwall Cookbook ~ Brian Jacques

  1. I SERIOUSLY loved this books when I was younger!! I bought about ten of them, and read through them numerous times – now my younger sister noelle reads them all, although I have no idea how many he’s up to these days

    Ellen backatcha: Erika, it’s my dream to attend a Redwall feast…maybe in heaven!

  2. I wish to get this book someday… I have read almost every book of his…

    but oh how I wish that I were in and appart of an abbey like theirs….

    to have structure and lessons, to eat well and sleep well….to be outside where the days are warm, and to be indoors near a wonderful fire when winter is drawn….

    to read stories to the little ones and to sing along to the best of them!!!

    Heaven shall surely have this!!!! Hark!!! I hope to see you there then ^o^ we’ll make a dare at who can scoff the most Deeper N’ Ever Pie!!!

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