Project Black

Project Black ~ Take Eleven

Project Black ~ Take Ten

Project Black ~ Take Nine

Keep scrolling down, there are more Project Black photos below…

Project Black – Take Eight

Project Black Take Three ~

This was taken at the University of Washington’s Suzzallo Library. The Library is named after Henry Suzzallo appointed President of the University in 1915. The construction of this architectural masterpiece was his top priority. I’m only showing you one of the black doors in the amazing second floor reading room. I’ll be posting my photos of the outside of this building and the reading room soon.

For more Project Black entries visit Anna Carson Photography.

I’m posting the rest of my project black photos below so scroll on down if you’d like…

Project Black Take Four ~ Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington

Project Black Take Five ~ Suzzallo again

Project Black Take Six ~ From my Family Room (I’m Russian and I have a collection of Russian Keepsakes)

Project Black ~ Take Seven A candle holder in my Family room.

This has been a fun project. Thanks to Anna Carson Photography for challenging us. Click over to see more entries if you’d like.

31 thoughts on “Project Black

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  3. Love the photo of the door – especially since you can see the books in the window. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. My sweetie got his doctorate at UW. His campus was less upscale, since he did most of his work in the San Juan Islands at The Friday Harbor Labs. Still I enjoyed these views. I especially liked the leather covered door.

  5. Ach! I can’t believe I almost missed all your posts after the door. I think I popped by and saw it still at the top and didn’t think to scroll down. Each of these is wonderful. I just love your photos. You have such a good eye for beauty.

  6. Wonderful series! Can’t pick a fav… they’re all top notch. I agree… seeing the books in the windows adds a good deal to the door. Well done!

  7. God, I love your photos. You find the most wonderful things to photograph and then you do it with such elegance and an artist’s eye. I love 8 and 9. That is one cool sign in #8 and I love the way you have framed it. I love the sort of dusk feeling light in the top one (as of today) and the looking through the beautiful wrought iron at the doors and the subtle colored objects along side. I feel like I’m writing a rhapsody, but I love your photos. I think people aren’t finding them when they visit and that’s a tragedy.

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  9. That’s a beautiful plate but the scene is gorgeous!!! I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to actually visit Russia and wander the countryside, or visit the cities and see the grand architecture in person.

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