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Below was my former header and because I got so many questions about my header I decided to leave the explanation. With my new blog look my header will be changing from season to season or whenever I feel like changing it.

The following photograph was taken by my husband from our Bed and Breakfast bedroom window in Conwy, Wales. We were staying at Bryn B & B right adjacent to the castle wall. This was a trip we took in May of 2006 with 4 of our friends. While in Conwy we ate at the most wonderful restaurant, Bistro Conwy. We also tried to climb Mt. Snowden but the weather was against us that day.


Another former header is of the tea table that I set for our latest Mennonite Girls Can Cook Celebrations Cookbook in July of 2012. The setting is in Bev’s yard in Chilliwack, British Columbia.


All the recipes from this tea that we enjoyed are in our new Cookbook “Celebrations”

Another header has two of our kids and their spouses and our son Dan with his fiance. We will be having a wedding in late June of 2015 and our family will be a nice rounded out eight!

The next header was of the Columbia River in Northeastern Washington State!

And then my header was from the Olympic Peninsula and a garden in Sequim.

My header will be ever changing through the seasons and life experiences that we enjoy…

Another header photo was taken at our son Dan’s wedding at the end of June, 2015. The wedding was at a ranch in northeast Washington north of Kettle Falls. With our new daughter in law, Jamie, all three of our children are married and working on happily ever after!

Another header photo was still from Dan and Jamie’s wedding but this one has my extended family, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews and grand niece and grand nephew!

After over a year since the wedding and my header was back to our table set for the cookbook a few years ago. We are headed to Indiana and Ohio for our first look at the Mennonite Girls Can Cook Play.

Well my header lately was of the Seattle waterfront since we live in a suburb of Seattle.

For Spring 2017 I’ve added a photo from the University of Washington Quad with the cherry blossoms blooming. Who knows what the next header will be…

As of July 2017 Photobucket is holding many of my photos hostage and left the space where my photos were with a big ugly black and grey box with their demand for money to release them. I refuse to do that so bear with me as I try to restore my photos from my archives.

16 thoughts on “My Header

  1. Ellen, I came back by for a second look at your header, and then I saw this link. So it’s WALES! Beautiful. There is a castle that looks much like this on Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. This is equally lovely.

    Sheila 🙂

  2. I have always thought your header looked familiar and now I know why! I visited Conwy Castle several years ago.

    Beautiful photo…I so love it there 🙂

  3. I finally read about your header because I too have been wondering about it but always thought it is from Europe. I was in England in April 2006 and now I want to visit again 🙂

  4. Hi, Ellen?

    I stumbled upon this blog in my search for something else.
    And now I feel like a intruder and I’m confused.

    After posting something, I got an email asking me to confirm or subscribe. I’m not sure what I’m subscribing to. Is this a personal family and friends blog? Or is it public?

    I see two conversations going on. How did the subject get on Molokans when it seems the topic was your trip to Wales?

    Sincerely, Leslie Brown

    • I don’t know how my header explanation became a place for comments about Molokans…
      We really loved Wales!

  5. I love your current header of the family. However, you never disappoint us with any of your sights. I wish I could change my header once in awhile but do not know how.

  6. I like the idea of changing your Header photo each season and have enjoyed seeing the latest one for the beginning of the new year. May you and your family receive many blessings from the Lord during 2017.

  7. Lovely post Ellen.
    We love Conwy and the castle, it’s near enough to our home for a day trip if we wish, it’s about 1 hour away. We do like to have holidays on the Isle of Anglesey which is lovely and near to Conwy, so the next time we’re out that way we’ll look up the Bistro.
    I love my copy of ‘Menomite Girls Can Cook’, along with the interesting introduction for each girl’s recipe, along with the wonderful illustrations.
    I’ll have to look up the third book on Amazon.
    Best wishes, Di.
    ABCW team.

    • Hi Di, thanks for leaving me this comment. I’m sorry to say that we think the Bistro is no longer operating or at least we couldn’t find anything on line about it anymore. We have such good memories of our stay in Conwy. Blessings!

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