Kenmore Air Harbor

K is for Kenmore and the Kenmore Air Harbor…

P1050622We are on the letter K for ABC Wednesday and I wanted to share some photos from Kenmore, Washington. With the Scottish Independence run this week I thought it fitting to share our own Kenmore, Washington connection to Kenmore, Scotland and Kenmore, Canada and our great Kenmore Air Harbor. It operates scheduled and charter seaplane and land plane service to destinations throughout western Washington and southwestern British Columbia, as well as seaplane “flightseeing” flights around Seattle.

We brought a little “Kenmore” souvenir from Scotland back with us from our trip in 2013…


Founded in 1901, Kenmore’s name comes third-hand from the Scottish village of Kenmore, via town founder home town of Kenmore, Ontario. McMasters and his wife Annie arrived in Puget Sound circa 1889 from Canada, intending to establish themselves in the shingle-making trade. They opened a shingle mill on the northern shore of Lake Washington on land leased from Watson C. Squire. By 1903, Kenmore had established a school system and post office, but it did not formally incorporate as a city until August 31, 1998.

You can join the founder, Denise Nesbitt and her team on the 15th round of ABC Wednesday anytime!

Happy Fall everyone!

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12 thoughts on “Kenmore Air Harbor

  1. The seaplane photos bring back fond memories for me – my very first airplane ride was on a seaplane in British Columbia when I was around 5 years old. Thinking about it now I realize it was my first, train, plane, and automobile trip 🙂

    On the flip-side the Scotch whiskey reminds me of my first ever drank-way-too-much-I’ll-never-do-that-again experience. I have not touched a drop of Scotch whiskey since!

  2. Brilliant pictures although I don’t think I would be brave enough to fly in a Bi Plane. We’ve travelled through Kennett on a trip up to the Highlands of Scotland. it has a history of coal mining and Robert the Bruce is one of it’s forebears….didn’t try the Whisky though, not my tipple.
    Best wishes,

  3. I’m not keen on whisky but I do love the romanticism of sea planes and your sequence of shots of it coming in over the water and landing are marvellous.

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