Knitted Trees

ABC Wednesday is on the letter K this week.

Thank you to Denise Nesbitt and the ABCW Team!


K is for Knitted Trees – this whimsical art installation has made Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood look like the setting of a Dr. Seuss book. They’ve been “yarn bombed”.

P1040854In February when we were driving from the downtown area of Seattle toward Pioneer Square and the stadiums south of downtown I noticed these trees dressed in knitted garments.  The garments have also been called tree socks, tree leg warmers, tree cozies.


“It’s a statement by artist Suzanne Tidwell. She uses a knitting machine, which sounds like a saw and looks like a giant harmonica, to make evenly-stitched striped panels. It takes two or three of these large panels to wrap one tree trunk. She climbs a ladder or sometimes rents a lift to wrap the tree, then hand sews the final seam up the trunk.”

It was an unexpected treat to see these yarn bombed trees back in February. I took the photo from the car while we were driving so excuse the angles and perspectives…

What a beautiful day we had yesterday. Shirt sleeve weather to the fullest.  I was able to get a big project in the yard done. (Big for me little for most gardeners). I’ll share more photos from the day later in the week. Today Katie and I are headed to Abbotsford in British Columbia to Lepp Farm Market for the Mennonite Girls Can Cook Paska Cooking Class. I will be away from the computer until tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “Knitted Trees

  1. That would be fun to see. Will they be…ahem…undressing for spring and summer? Have great fun at Lepp’s Market. I have been thinking longingly of P*a*s*k*a for some time now!

  2. I love yarn bombed things. We have a cherry tree in our front yard that we trimmed so you can see all the branches down low coming out of the main trunk. It really added a lot to its look. I keep teasing my hubby that he may come home some day and see our tree yarn bombed. He just looks at me. I’m unsure what his look means. lol

  3. I love this! I have seen some cool tree cozies here in Austin and also in Buenos Aires I saw some beautiful work – I kept taking photos of it every time I walked by – it made me smile!

  4. Posted a knitted treetrunk a few weeks ago – the beginning of it (a yarnstore in Santa Barbara) – it looks very intentive. I wonder though if it has any effect on the bark of the tree trunk…

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