March Note Cards…

Time to get your choices together for Vee’s Note Card Party.

I’ve been busy traveling and partying and am a wee bit behind. Speaking of traveling last year at this time I was in Milan with Dear on a business trip of his. All my note cards will be from there. I honestly can’t believe that it’s only been a year since I was in Italy. I find it hard to believe I was there at all.

The Duomo in Milan

The inside of the Duomo was architecturally beautiful and magnificent but I’m choosing to show this more humble photo that I took in amidst all the grandeur.

I appreciate the chance I had to visit Milan with Dear. There were many more lovely things we experienced here but I chose to stick with the Duomo for my 4 note cards for March. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the offerings from Vee’s party link up.

We just arrived home yesterday (a 5 hour drive) from our son’s in Eastern Washington. I’m a little behind but hope to get to all the links at Vee’s. I’m also hoping I haven’t offered up these photos before for Vee’s party. Oye and Blessings.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

22 thoughts on “March Note Cards…

  1. Your choices for the notecards are absolutely stunning, the photo of the candles glowing is spectacular. Taking photos always brings us back to those special moments, Thank you for sharing,

  2. The candle picture evokes something spiritual in my soul. It is very beautiful and earthy. Does going into a cathedral like Duomo make a person want to drop to their knees?
    I wonder if the flower/knitting thing is like your dishes? 🙂

  3. Incredible architecture! I appreciate your various perspective shots, too. (I don’t remember seeing these at a Note Card party, but even if so, it doesn’t matter. we can enjoy them with fresh eyes today.)

  4. What an amazing cathedral, Ellen. You really were fortunate to get to visit there. I love all the note cards, and the picture of all the candles burning really is lovely. It reminds us the building is a church and not a museum. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day. 🙂



  5. Such interesting and beautiful images. Your note cards are beautiful and so is this blog. I have to admit when I arrived, I spent quite a bit of time studying your magnificent header. I would love to walk in that garden and sit to enjoy the party. Lovely, lovely images. Thank you for taking me on a wonderful tour.


  6. Oh my, what incredibly beautiful and awesome notecards! Have traveled to those places,all just amazing! By the way, your header is gorgeous!

  7. Ellen, these would all make breath taking note cards. I love the one of all of the lit candles lined up. You have an artistic eye behind your camera. lauriie

  8. What a gorgeous cathedral – I loved seeing the architecture up close in your first notecard, and I especially enjoyed seeing the building as a whole in your second. The candles remind me of times I’ve visited cathedrals and seen candles lit as prayers or perhaps in memory of a loved one. It’s a lovely tradition.

  9. Hi Ellen – I’m loving these pics of Milan’s stunning Duomo, they make really special note cards, I love the interior shot with the candles burning. I’ve seen all of Tuscany and Rome but not Milan – would love to visit there some day too.

    Time certainly flies doesn’t it? Like you, the many places I visited last year, including Antarctica, Japan, Russia and Europe already seem like long ago dreams……….do you, like me, take loads of photos, make books etc. to bring back the wonderful memories of your travels?

    Do you have travel plans for this year by chance?
    Happy week – Mary

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