When Panic Sets In…


I’m such a chicken when it comes to clicking on something new on the computer. I held out to switch to a new reader like Feedly or Bloglovin and then all of a sudden my google reader disappeared. I panicked thinking now all my links that I had saved in the reader had disappeared, too. I’m happy to report with two simple clicks I uploaded Feedly and they found all my links in no time flat and now I’m getting used to this new feeder that shows me when someone posts something new.

So…if you are a chicken like me I just wanted to reassure you to go ahead and click and then enjoy learning something a little different but easy to navigate.

10 thoughts on “When Panic Sets In…

  1. Thank you for the info.. I hesitate to just jump in sometimes. It’s comforting to know that you have already..lol! I have seen several bloggers talking about Bloglovin. I will check out Feedly too..

  2. Good for you, Ellen! Since I don’t “follow” any blogs but just keep up with new posts by checking my blog list on my sidebar (which I hope is not going to be affected when Google kills Google Reader) I am hoping there’s no need for me to panic to find a new RSS feed or whatever they are called. . . .

  3. Well done! I use my Blogroll most often, but it is nice to find all the blogs I’ve ever loved in one easy spot…helpful, too, to have the
    cross-reference if something should happen to either one. (One time blogger ate 50% of my blog roll!)

  4. Beautiful shower and beautiful gardens! Glad you figured out the new system. I’m chicken, too…I always ask my daughter first before i do most anything!

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